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Kirtan Sohila

rwgu Awsw mhlw 1 ]

raag aasaa mehlaa 1.

Raag Aasaa, First Mehl:

iCA Gr iCA gur iCA aupdys ]

chhi-a ghar chhi-a gur chhi-a updays.

There are six schools of philosophy, six teachers, and six sets of teachings.

guru guru eyko vys Anyk ]1]

gur gur ayko vays anayk. ||1||

But the Teacher of teachers is the One, who appears in so many forms. ||1||

bwbw jY Gir krqy kIriq hoie ]

baabaa jai ghar kartay keerat ho-ay.

O Baba: that system in which the Praises of the Creator are sung

so Gru rwKu vfweI qoie ]1] rhwau ]

so ghar raakh vadaa-ee to-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.

-follow that system; in it rests true greatness. ||1||Pause||

ivsuey cisAw GVIAw phrw iQqI vwrI mwhu hoAw ]

visu-ay chasi-aa gharhee-aa pahraa thitee vaaree maahu ho-aa.

The seconds, minutes and hours, days, weeks and months,

sUrju eyko ruiq Anyk ]

sooraj ayko rut anayk.

and the various seasons originate from the one sun;

nwnk krqy ky kyqy vys ]2]2]

naanak kartay kay kaytay vays. ||2||2||

O Nanak, in just the same way, the many forms originate from the Creator. ||2||2||

rwgu DnwsrI mhlw 1 ]

raag Dhanaasree mehlaa 1.

Raag Dhanaasaree, First Mehl:

ggn mY Qwlu riv cMdu dIpk bny qwirkw mMfl jnk moqI ]

gagan mai thaal rav chand deepak banay taarikaa mandal janak motee.

Upon that cosmic plate of the sky, the sun and the moon are the lamps. The stars and their orbs are the studded pearls.

DUpu mlAwnlo pvxu cvro kry sgl bnrwie PUlµq joqI ]1]

Dhoop mal-aanlo pavan chavro karay sagal banraa-ay foolant jotee. ||1||

The fragrance of sandalwood in the air is the temple incense, and the wind is the fan. All the plants of the world are the altar flowers in offering to You, O Luminous Lord. ||1||

kYsI AwrqI hoie ] Bv KMfnw qyrI AwrqI ]

kaisee aartee ho-ay. bhav khandnaa tayree aartee.

What a beautiful Aartee, lamp-lit worship service this is! O Destroyer of Fear, this is Your Ceremony of Light.

Anhqw sbd vwjMq ByrI ]1] rhwau ]

anhataa sabad vaajant bhayree. ||1|| rahaa-o.

The Unstruck Sound-current of the Shabad is the vibration of the temple drums. ||1||Pause||

shs qv nYn nn nYn hih qoih kau shs mUriq nnw eyk quohI ]

sahas tav nain nan nain heh tohi ka-o sahas moorat nanaa ayk tohee.

You have thousands of eyes, and yet You have no eyes. You have thousands of forms, and yet You do not have even one.

shs pd ibml nn eyk pd gMD ibnu shs qv gMD iev clq mohI ]2]

sahas pad bimal nan ayk pad ganDh bin sahas tav ganDh iv chalat mohee. ||2||

You have thousands of Lotus Feet, and yet You do not have even one foot. You have no nose, but you have thousands of noses. This Play of Yours entrances me. ||2||

sB mih joiq joiq hY soie ]

sabh meh jot jot hai so-ay.

Amongst all is the Light-You are that Light.

iqs dY cwnix sB mih cwnxu hoie ]

tis dai chaanan sabh meh chaanan ho-ay.

By this Illumination, that Light is radiant within all.

gur swKI joiq prgtu hoie ]

gur saakhee jot pargat ho-ay.

Through the Guru's Teachings, the Light shines forth.

jo iqsu BwvY su AwrqI hoie ]3]

jo tis bhaavai so aartee ho-ay. ||3||

That which is pleasing to Him is the lamp-lit worship service. ||3||

hir crx kvl mkrMd loiBq mno Anidnuo moih AwhI ipAwsw ]

har charan kaval makrand lobhit mano andino mohi aahee pi-aasaa.

My mind is enticed by the honey-sweet Lotus Feet of the Lord. Day and night, I thirst for them.

ik®pw jlu dyih nwnk swirMg kau hoie jw qy qyrY nwie vwsw ]4]3]

kirpaa jal deh naanak saaring ka-o ho-ay jaa tay tayrai naa-ay vaasaa. ||4||3||

Bestow the Water of Your Mercy upon Nanak, the thirsty song-bird, so that he may come to dwell in Your Name. ||4||3||

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