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Wg. Cmdr. Prempal Singh

Wing. Commander Prem. Pal Singh was commissioned in the Indian Air Force on 15 April 1950. In the beginning he served as a Dakota pilot but later he switched over to the Canberra aircraft. During the Indo-Pak War 1965, Wing Commander Prem Pal Singh commanded No. 5 "Tuskers" Squadron, stationed at Agra. The unit equipped with the Canberra bomber, was assigned the triple task of tactical bombing, close support and armed patrolling. Under his able guidance the squadron carried out tactical bombing of various targets to destroy the Pakistan Air Force on the ground. Led by Wing Commander Prem Pal Singh himself, Pak army camp east of Gujarat and airfields at Chaklala, Dab, Murid, Akwal, Risalwala, Wagowal, Sargodha and Peshawar were successfully attacked by his bombers.

The squadron gave close support to the army in Kasur, Khem Karan, Pasrur, Chawinda and Sialkot sectors. Bombs were dropped on the enemy concentrations at all these places. During the period of war the squadron undertook 39 sorties of armed patrolling over Agra, Palam, Ambala, Halwara and Adampur. Most of the operational missions over the enemy territory were carried out during the hours of darkness. The targets were identified in the moon-light. These dangerous operational sorties were undertaken in the face of heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire with exceptional courage and determination.

Wing Commander Prem Pal was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for displaying a high sense of duty and gallantry. Wg Cdr Prem Pal Singh, subsequently rose to the rank of Air Marshal. He was awarded AVSM and PVSM for distinguished service.

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