Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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The Folk Beliefs : Sorcery

This is a form of magic in which spells and incantations are used to invoke a Pir or saint to get the desired effect. According to popular belief, incantation is a powerful instrument even for fighting pain and diseases of many forms. There is a separate spell for every ailment. The wise person first mutters the particular spell, then blows thrice at the affected part of the body, and the pain goes. This is called the Jhara- conjuration.
Snakebites and scorpion bites are also treated by spells. The men who do this are called mandaris (conjurors). It is claimed that many snakebites have been cured by spells and incantations. An able conjuror can, by means of incantation, call up the snake who bit the patient, and make it suck back its own poison from the patient. Similarly a scorpion bite is cured by spells. Guga Pir is invoked for the treatment of poisonous insect bites. Some yogis utter a spell on a pinch of ash which is then either swallowed or smeared over the affected part. This way even incurable diseases are believed to be cured.






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