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Purpose of Life

1. Pray, this is the only opportunity, Seize it thou by forelock,
Meditate on the Lord, And see Him thou within,
Sayeth Kabir: I have proclaimed the truth by beat of drum;
It is now up to thee to win or lose the battle of life.
(Kabirji, Bhairo Rag)

2. Meet you the Lord of the universe, For now is the time,
After several births you have attained the human body,
Lose not this chance.

(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

3. Cursed be eating, cursed be sleep,
Cursed be the wearing of clothes,
Cursed be the body and cursed be the family,
If one attaineth not God in this birth;
For, if once this rare chance is lost,
The very purpose of life is wasted.
(Guru V, Bilawal Rag)

4. Having gained a body this time,
A rare opportunity to meet the Lord.

This is your opportunity to meet the Lord.
Your other pursuits will be of no avail at the end.
Seek the company of holy men,
And learn to meditate on God.
Set your mind on crossing the sea of life;
Life is being wasted away,
In pursuits of sensual pleasures.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)

5. O man, you have come to earn profit, But how vainly are you engaged!
While the night of life is passing away.
(Guru V, Ads Rag)

6. Having wandered through eighty-four lacs of species,
Have obtained this precious human life,
Nanak, remember the Lord's Name,
For, the days are numbered.
(Guru V, SriRag)

7. Thou comest into this life to dwell upon the One alone,
But, being born, thou wert enticed away by Maya.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

8. Go, call on the Guru For, the life wears off each day, each night:
And fulfil thy destiny.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

9. The man was a guest For a brief sojourn on this earth to fulfil his purpose;
But he was lost in Maya and lust, And realized not his main object.
(Guru V, Sri Rag)

10. Thy first part of the night of life, Passeth in fruitless pursuits, The second part in deep sleep; In the third part thou wastest thyself away,
And in the fourth part, the day of death comes; Thou rememberest not the One who gave thee body and life.
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