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Shabad Hazaraay

iqlµg mÚ 1 ]

tilang mehlaa 1.

Tilang, First Mehl:

ieAwnVIey mwnVw kwie kryih ]

i-aanrhee-ay maanrhaa kaa-ay karayhi.

O foolish and ignorant soul-bride, why are you so proud?

AwpnVY Gir hir rMgo kI n mwxyih ]

aapnarhai ghar har rango kee na maaneh.

Within the home of your own self, why do you not enjoy the Love of your Lord?

shu nyVY Dn kMmlIey bwhru ikAw FUFyih ]

saho nayrhai Dhan kammlee-ay baahar ki-aa dhoodhayhi.

Your Husband Lord is so very near, O foolish bride; why do you search for Him outside?

BY kIAw dyih slweIAw nYxI Bwv kw kir sIgwro ]

bhai kee-aa deh salaa-ee-aa nainee bhaav kaa kar seegaaro.

Apply the Fear of God as the maascara to adorn your eyes, and make the Love of the Lord your ornament.

qw sohwgix jwxIAY lwgI jw shu Dry ipAwro ]1]

taa sohagan jaanee-ai laagee jaa saho Dharay pi-aaro. ||1||

Then, you shall be known as a devoted and committed soul-bride, when you enshrine love for your Husband Lord. ||1||

ieAwxI bwlI ikAw kry jw Dn kMq n BwvY ]

i-aanee baalee ki-aa karay jaa Dhan kant na bhaavai.

What can the silly young bride do, if she is not pleasing to her Husband Lord?

krx plwh kry bhuqyry sw Dn mhlu n pwvY ]

karan palaah karay bahutayray saa Dhan mahal na paavai.

She may plead and implore so many times, but still, such a bride shall not obtain the Mansion of the Lord's Presence.

ivxu krmw ikCu pweIAY nwhI jy bhuqyrw DwvY ]

vin karmaa kichh paa-ee-ai naahee jay bahutayraa Dhaavai.

Without the karma of good deeds, nothing is obtained, although she may run around frantically.

lb loB AhMkwr kI mwqI mwieAw mwih smwxI ]

lab lobh ahaNkaar kee maatee maa-i-aa maahi samaanee.

She is intoxicated with greed, pride and egotism, and engrossed in Maya.

ienI bwqI shu pweIAY nwhI BeI kwmix ieAwxI ]2]

inee baatee saho paa-ee-ai naahee bha-ee kaaman i-aanee. ||2||

She cannot obtain her Husband Lord in these ways; the young bride is so foolish! ||2||

jwie puChu sohwgxI vwhY iknI bwqI shu pweIAY ]

jaa-ay puchhahu sohaaganee vaahai kinee baatee saho paa-ee-ai.

Go and ask the happy, pure soul-brides, how did they obtain their Husband Lord?

jo ikCu kry so Blw kir mwnIAY ihkmiq hukmu cukweIAY ]

jo kichh karay so bhalaa kar maanee-ai hikmat hukam chukhaa-ee-ai.

Whatever the Lord does, accept that as good; do away with your own cleverness and self-will.

jw kY pRyim pdwrQu pweIAY qau crxI icqu lweIAY ]

jaa kai paraym padaarath paa-ee-ai ta-o charnee chit laa-ee-ai.

By His Love, true wealth is obtained; link your consciousness to His lotus feet.

shu khY so kIjY qnu mno dIjY AYsw prmlu lweIAY ]

saho kahai so keejai tan mano deejai aisaa parmal laa-ee-ai.

As your Husband Lord directs, so you must act; surrender your body and mind to Him, and apply this perfume to yourself.

eyv khih sohwgxI BYxy ienI bwqI shu pweIAY ]3]

ayv kaheh sohaaganee bhainay inee baatee saho paa-ee-ai. ||3||

So speaks the happy soul-bride, O sister; in this way, the Husband Lord is obtained. ||3||

Awpu gvweIAY qw shu pweIAY Aauru kYsI cqurweI ]

aap gavaa-ee-ai taa saho paa-ee-ai a-or kaisee chaturaa-ee.

Give up your selfhood, and so obtain your Husband Lord; what other clever tricks are of any use?

shu ndir kir dyKY so idnu lyKY kwmix nau iniD pweI ]

saho nadar kar daykhai so din laykhai kaaman na-o niDh paa-ee.

When the Husband Lord looks upon the soul-bride with His Gracious Glance, that day is historic - the bride obtains the nine treasures.

Awpxy kMq ipAwrI sw sohwgix nwnk sw sBrweI ]

aapnay kant pi-aaree saa sohagan naanak saa sabhraa-ee.

She who is loved by her Husband Lord, is the true soul-bride; O Nanak, she is the queen of all.

AYsy rMig rwqI shj kI mwqI Aihinis Bwie smwxI ]

aisay rang raatee sahj kee maatee ahinis bhaa-ay samaanee.

Thus she is imbued with His Love, intoxicated with delight; day and night, she is absorbed in His Love.

suMdir swie srUp ibcKix khIAY sw isAwxI ]4]2]4]

sundar saa-ay saroop bichkhan kahee-ai saa si-aanee. ||4||2||4||

She is beautiful, glorious and brilliant; she is known as truly wise. ||4||2||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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