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Sidh Ghost

sbdu BwKq sis joiq Apwrw ]

sabad bhaakhat sas jot apaaraa.

Giving voice to the Shabad, the moon of the mind is illuminated with infinity.

sis Gir sUru vsY imtY AMiDAwrw ]

sas ghar soor vasai mitai anDhi-aaraa.

When the sun dwells in the house of the moon, the darkness is dispelled.

suKu duKu sm kir nwmu ADwrw ]

sukh dukh sam kar naam aDhaaraa.

Pleasure and pain are just the same, when one takes the Support of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

Awpy pwir auqwrxhwrw ]

aapay paar utaaranhaaraa.

He Himself saves, and carries us across.

gur prcY mnu swic smwie ]

gur parchai man saach samaa-ay.

With faith in the Guru, the mind merges in Truth,

pRxviq nwnku kwlu n Kwie ]49]

paranvat naanak kaal na khaa-ay. ||49||

and then, prays Nanak, one is not consumed by Death. ||49||

nwm qqu sB hI isir jwpY ]

naam tat sabh hee sir jaapai.

The essence of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is known to be the most exalted and excellent of all.

ibnu nwvY duKu kwlu sMqwpY ]

bin naavai dukh kaal santaapai.

Without the Name, one is afflicted by pain and death.

qqo qqu imlY mnu mwnY ]

tato tat milai man maanai.

When one's essence merges into the essence, the mind is satisfied and fulfilled.

dUjw jwie iekqu Gir AwnY ]

doojaa jaa-ay ikat ghar aanai.

Duality is gone, and one enters into the home of the One Lord.

bolY pvnw ggnu grjY ]

bolai pavnaa gagan garjai.

The breath blows across the sky of the Tenth Gate and vibrates.

nwnk inhclu imlxu shjY ]50]

naanak nihchal milan sahjai. ||50||

O Nanak, the mortal then intuitively meets the eternal, unchanging Lord. ||50||

AMqir suMnµ bwhir suMnµ iqRBvx suMn msuMnµ ]

antar sunaN baahar sunaN taribhavan sunn masuNnaN.

The absolute Lord is deep within; the absolute Lord is outside us as well. The absolute Lord totally fills the three worlds.

cauQy suMnY jo nru jwxY qw kau pwpu n puMnµ ]

cha-uthay sunnai jo nar jaanai taa ka-o paap na puNnaN.

One who knows the Lord in the fourth state, is not subject to virtue or vice.

Git Git suMn kw jwxY Byau ] Awid purKu inrMjn dyau ]

ghat ghat sunn kaa jaanai bhay-o. aad purakh niranjan day-o.

One who knows the mystery of God the Absolute, who pervades each and every heart, knows the Primal Being, the Immaculate Divine Lord.

jo jnu nwm inrMjn rwqw ]

jo jan naam niranjan raataa.

That humble being who is imbued with the Immaculate Naam,

nwnk soeI purKu ibDwqw ]51]

naanak so-ee purakh biDhaataa. ||51||

O Nanak, is himself the Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny. ||51||

suMno suMnu khY sBu koeI ]

sunno sunn kahai sabh ko-ee.

"Everyone speaks of the Absolute Lord, the unmanifest void.

Anhq suMnu khw qy hoeI ]

anhat sunn kahaa tay ho-ee.

How can one find this absolute void?

Anhq suMin rqy sy kYsy ]

anhat sunn ratay say kaisay.

Who are they, who are attuned to this absolute void?"

ijs qy aupjy iqs hI jYsy ]

jis tay upjay tis hee jaisay.

They are like the Lord, from whom they originated.

Eie jnim n mrih n Awvih jwih ]

o-ay janam na mareh na aavahi jaahi.

They are not born, they do not die; they do not come and go.

nwnk gurmuiK mnu smJwih ]52]

naanak gurmukh man samjhaahi. ||52||

O Nanak, the Gurmukhs instruct their minds. ||52||

nau sr suBr dsvY pUry ]

na-o sar subhar dasvai pooray.

By practicing control over the nine gates, one attains perfect control over the Tenth Gate.

qh Anhq suMn vjwvih qUry ]

tah anhat sunn vajaavah tooray.

There, the unstruck sound current of the absolute Lord vibrates and resounds.

swcY rwcy dyiK hjUry ]

saachai raachay daykh hajooray.

Behold the True Lord ever-present, and merge with Him.

Git Git swcu rihAw BrpUry ]

ghat ghat saach rahi-aa bharpooray.

The True Lord is pervading and permeating each and every heart.

gupqI bwxI prgtu hoie ]

guptee banee pargat ho-ay.

The hidden Bani of the Word is revealed.

nwnk priK ley scu soie ]53]

naanak parakh la-ay sach so-ay. ||53||

O Nanak, the True Lord is revealed and known. ||53||

shj Bwie imlIAY suKu hovY ]

sahj bhaa-ay milee-ai sukh hovai.

Meeting with the Lord through intuition and love, peace is found.

gurmuiK jwgY nId n sovY ]

gurmukh jaagai need na sovai.

The Gurmukh remains awake and aware; he does not fall sleep.

suMn sbdu AprMpir DwrY ]

sunn sabad aprampar Dhaarai.

He enshrines the unlimited, absolute Shabad deep within.

khqy mukqu sbid insqwrY ]

kahtay mukat sabad nistaarai.

Chanting the Shabad, he is liberated, and saves others as well.

gur kI dIiKAw sy sic rwqy ]

gur kee deekhi-aa say sach raatay.

Those who practice the Guru's Teachings are attuned to the Truth.

nwnk Awpu gvwie imlx nhI BRwqy ]54]

naanak aap gavaa-ay milan nahee bharaatay. ||54||

O Nanak, those who eradicate their self-conceit meet with the Lord; they do not remain separated by doubt. ||54||

kubuiD cvwvY so ikqu Twie ]

kubuDh chavaavai so kit thaa-ay.

"Where is that place, where evil thoughts are destroyed?

ikau qqu n bUJY cotw Kwie ]

ki-o tat na boojhai chotaa khaa-ay.

The mortal does not understand the essence of reality; why must he suffer in pain?"

jm dir bwDy koie n rwKY ]

jam dar baaDhay ko-ay na raakhai.

No one can save one who is tied up at Death's door.

ibnu sbdY nwhI piq swKY ]

bin sabdai naahee pat saakhai.

Without the Shabad, no one has any credit or honor.

ikau kir bUJY pwvY pwru ]

ki-o kar boojhai paavai paar.

"How can one obtain understanding and cross over?"

nwnk mnmuiK n buJY gvwru ]55]

naanak manmukh na bujhai gavaar. ||55||

O Nanak, the foolish self-willed manmukh does not understand. ||55||

kubuiD imtY gur sbdu bIcwir ]

kubuDh mitai gur sabad beechaar.

Evil thoughts are erased, contemplating the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

siqguru BytY moK duAwr ]

satgur bhaytai mokh du-aar.

Meeting with the True Guru, the door of liberation is found.

qqu n cInY mnmuKu jil jwie ]

tat na cheenai manmukh jal jaa-ay.

The self-willed manmukh does not understand the essence of reality, and is burnt to ashes.

durmiq ivCuiV cotw Kwie ]

durmat vichhurh chotaa khaa-ay.

His evil-mindedness separates him from the Lord, and he suffers.

mwnY hukmu sBy gux igAwn ]

maanai hukam sabhay gun gi-aan.

Accepting the Hukam of the Lord's Command, he is blessed with all virtues and spiritual wisdom.

nwnk drgh pwvY mwnu ]56]

naanak dargeh paavai maan. ||56||

O Nanak, he is honored in the Court of the Lord. ||56||

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