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Sidh Ghost

iksu kwrix igRhu qijE audwsI ]

kis kaaran garihu taji-o udaasee.

"Why have you left your house and become a wandering Udaasee?

iksu kwrix iehu ByKu invwsI ]

kis kaaran ih bhaykh nivaasee.

Why have you adopted these religious robes?

iksu vKr ky qum vxjwry ]

kis vakhar kay tum vanjaaray.

What merchandise do you trade?

ikau kir swQu lµGwvhu pwry ]17]

ki-o kar saath langhaavahu paaray. ||17||

How will you carry others across with you?"||17||

gurmuiK Kojq Bey audwsI ]

gurmukh khojat bha-ay udaasee.

I became a wandering Udaasee, searching for the Gurmukhs.

drsn kY qweI ByK invwsI ]

darsan kai taa-ee bhaykh nivaasee.

I have adopted these robes seeking the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan.

swc vKr ky hm vxjwry ]

saach vakhar kay ham vanjaaray.

I trade in the merchandise of Truth.

nwnk gurmuiK auqris pwry ]18]

naanak gurmukh utras paaray. ||18||

O Nanak, as Gurmukh, I carry others across. ||18||

ikqu ibiD purKw jnmu vtwieAw ]

kit biDh purkhaa janam vataa-i-aa.

"How have you changed the course of your life?

kwhy kau quJu iehu mnu lwieAw ]

kaahay ka-o tujh ih man laa-i-aa.

With what have you linked your mind?

ikqu ibiD Awsw mnsw KweI ]

kit biDh aasaa mansaa khaa-ee.

How have you subdued your hopes and desires?

ikqu ibiD joiq inrMqir pweI ]

kit biDh jot nirantar paa-ee.

How have you found the Light deep within your nucleus?

ibnu dMqw ikau KweIAY swru ]

bin dantaa ki-o khaa-ee-ai saar.

Without teeth, how can you eat iron?

nwnk swcw krhu bIcwru ]19]

naanak saachaa karahu beechaar. ||19||

Give us your true opinion, Nanak."||19||

siqgur kY jnmy gvnu imtwieAw ]

satgur kai janmay gavan mitaa-i-aa.

Born into the House of the True Guru, my wandering in reincarnation ended.

Anhiq rwqy iehu mnu lwieAw ]

anhat raatay ih man laa-i-aa.

My mind is attached and attuned to the unstruck sound current.

mnsw Awsw sbid jlweI ]

mansaa aasaa sabad jalaa-ee.

Through the Word of the Shabad, my hopes and desires have been burnt away.

gurmuiK joiq inrMqir pweI ]

gurmukh jot nirantar paa-ee.

As Gurmukh, I found the Light deep within the nucleus of my self.

qRY gux myty KweIAY swru ]

tarai gun maytay khaa-ee-ai saar.

Eradicating the three qualities, one eats iron.

nwnk qwry qwrxhwru ]20]

naanak taaray taaranhaar. ||20||

O Nanak, the Emancipator emancipates. ||20||

Awid kau kvnu bIcwru kQIAly suMn khw Gr vwso ]

aad ka-o kavan beechaar kathee-alay sunn kahaa ghar vaaso.

"What can you tell us about the beginning? In what home did the absolute dwell then?

igAwn kI mudRw kvn kQIAly Git Git kvn invwso ]

gi-aan kee mudraa kavan kathee-alay ghat ghat kavan nivaaso.

What are the ear-rings of spiritual wisdom? Who dwells in each and every heart?

kwl kw TIgw ikau jlweIAly ikau inrBau Gir jweIAY ]

kaal kaa theegaa ki-o jalaa-ee-alay ki-o nirbha-o ghar jaa-ee-ai.

How can one avoid the attack of death? How can one enter the home of fearlessness?

shj sMqoK kw Awsxu jwxY ikau Cydy bYrweIAY ]

sahj santokh kaa aasan jaanai ki-o chhayday bairaa-ee-ai.

How can one know the posture of intuition and contentment, and overcome one's adversaries?"

gur kY sbid haumY ibKu mwrY qw inj Gir hovY vwso ]

gur kai sabad ha-umai bikh maarai taa nij ghar hovai vaaso.

Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, egotism and corruption are conquered, and then one comes to dwell in the home of the self within.

ijin ric ricAw iqsu sbid pCwxY nwnku qw kw dwso ]21]

jin rach rachi-aa tis sabad pachhaanai naanak taa kaa daaso. ||21||

One who realizes the Shabad of the One who created the creation - Nanak is his slave. ||21||

khw qy AwvY khw iehu jwvY khw iehu rhY smweI ]

kahaa tay aavai kahaa ih jaavai kahaa ih rahai samaa-ee.

"Where did we come from? Where are we going? Where will we be absorbed?

eysu sbd kau jo ArQwvY iqsu gur iqlu n qmweI ]

ays sabad ka-o jo arthaavai tis gur til na tamaa-ee.

One who reveals the meaning of this Shabad is the Guru, who has no greed at all.

ikau qqY AivgqY pwvY gurmuiK lgY ipAwro ]

ki-o tatai avigatai paavai gurmukh lagai pi-aaro.

How can one find the essence of the unmanifest reality? How does one become Gurmukh, and enshrine love for the Lord?

Awpy surqw Awpy krqw khu nwnk bIcwro ]

aapay surtaa aapay kartaa kaho naanak beechaaro.

He Himself is consciousness, He Himself is the Creator; share with us, Nanak, your wisdom."

hukmy AwvY hukmy jwvY hukmy rhY smweI ]

hukmay aavai hukmay jaavai hukmay rahai samaa-ee.

By His Command we come, and by His Command we go; by His Command, we merge in absorption.

pUry gur qy swcu kmwvY giq imiq sbdy pweI ]22]

pooray gur tay saach kamaavai gat mit sabday paa-ee. ||22||

Through the Perfect Guru, live the Truth; through the Word of the Shabad, the state of dignity is attained. ||22||

Awid kau ibsmwdu bIcwru kQIAly suMn inrMqir vwsu lIAw ]

aad ka-o bismaad beechaar kathee-alay sunn nirantar vaas lee-aa.

We can only express a sense of wonder about the beginning. The absolute abided endlessly deep within Himself then.

Aklpq mudRw gur igAwnu bIcwrIAly Git Git swcw srb jIAw ]

akalpat mudraa gur gi-aan beechaaree-alay ghat ghat saachaa sarab jee-aa.

Consider freedom from desire to be the ear-rings of the Guru's spiritual wisdom. The True Lord, the Soul of all, dwells within each and every heart.

gur bcnI Aivgiq smweIAY qqu inrMjnu shij lhY ]

gur bachnee avigat samaa-ee-ai tat niranjan sahj lahai.

Through the Guru's Word, one merges in the absolute, and intuitively receives the immaculate essence.

nwnk dUjI kwr n krxI syvY isKu su Koij lhY ]

naanak doojee kaar na karnee sayvai sikh so khoj lahai.

O Nanak, that Sikh who seeks and finds the Way does not serve any other.

hukmu ibsmwdu hukim pCwxY jIA jugiq scu jwxY soeI ]

hukam bismaad hukam pachhaanai jee-a jugat sach jaanai so-ee.

Wonderful and amazing is His Command; He alone realizes His Command and knows the true way of life of His creatures.

Awpu myit inrwlmu hovY AMqir swcu jogI khIAY soeI ]23]

aap mayt niraalam hovai antar saach jogee kahee-ai so-ee. ||23||

One who eradicates his self-conceit becomes free of desire; he alone is a Yogi, who enshrines the True Lord deep within. ||23||

Aivgqo inrmwielu aupjy inrgux qy srguxu QIAw ]

avigato nirmaa-il upjay nirgun tay sargun thee-aa.

From His state of absolute existence, He assumed the immaculate form; from formless, He assumed the supreme form.

siqgur prcY prm pdu pweIAY swcY sbid smwie lIAw ]

satgur parchai param pad paa-ee-ai saachai sabad samaa-ay lee-aa.

By pleasing the True Guru, the supreme status is obtained, and one is absorbed in the True Word of the Shabad.

eyky kau scu eykw jwxY haumY dUjw dUir kIAw ]

aykay ka-o sach aykaa jaanai ha-umai doojaa door kee-aa.

He knows the True Lord as the One and only; he sends his egotism and duality far away.

so jogI gur sbdu pCwxY AMqir kmlu pRgwsu QIAw ]

so jogee gur sabad pachhaanai antar kamal pargaas thee-aa.

He alone is a Yogi, who realizes the Word of the Guru's Shabad; the lotus of the heart blossoms forth within.

jIvqu mrY qw sBu ikCu sUJY AMqir jwxY srb dieAw ]

jeevat marai taa sabh kichh soojhai antar jaanai sarab da-i-aa.

If one remains dead while yet alive, then he understands everything; he knows the Lord deep within himself, who is kind and compassionate to all.

nwnk qw kau imlY vfweI Awpu pCwxY srb jIAw ]24]

naanak taa ka-o milai vadaa-ee aap pachhaanai sarab jee-aa. ||24||

O Nanak, he is blessed with glorious greatness; he realizes himself in all beings. ||24|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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