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6th December


???? Bhai Bachittar Singh and his group, while going towards Ropar, engaged the Rangars of Malikpur and the Pathaans of Ropar. Bhai Bachittar Singh was critically injured, and his adopted son, Zorawar Singh, was also hurt. Bhai Bachittar Singh was another son of Bhai Mani Singh, and is famous for attacking the elephant of Hill Rajas, astride his own horse, with the "naagni barchhaa" (given to him by Guru Sahib) in the battle of Anandpur. Sahibzada Ajit Singh, who was a member of this contingent, brought this injured and decimated group, to the hacienda (garhi) of Nihang Khan.
1778 Khalsa Dal, the combined forces of 11 Sikh Misls, attacked Ruhel Khand, U.P.
1921 Kishan Singh Garhgaj delivers an anti-British speech at Haripur.

Winston Churchill sent a note to S. Baldev Singh suggesting him to stay in London for couple more days and let Jawaharlal Nehru go back to India, hoping that by talking to the British govt. and the Muslim League they could possibly find a solution, "So as to enable the Sikhs to have political feet of their own on which they may walk in the current of World-History."

S. Baldev Singh mentioned this to Nehru and then called a press conference and read a statement (apparently prepared by Nehru) that the Sikhs demand nothing from the British. Whatever the Sikhs want will get it from the Congress and the only demand of the Sikhs is that the British leave India.

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