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Biographies of Great Sikh Martyrs

Martyrdom in Sikhism is a fundamental concept and represents an important institution of the faith. In the Sikh form the institution is a complete departure from the Indian tradition, and for that matter radically distinguishes the whole-life character of Sikhism from the earlier dichotomous of pacific Indian religious traditions. It is significant that the concept was emphatically laid down by Guru Nanak, and the history of the Guru period as well as the subsequent history of the Sikhs is an open expression, in thought and deed. of this basic doctrine.

In Sikhism, Guru Nanak in the very beginning of his famous hymn 'Japu Ji', while rejecting the paths of ascetic one point meditation or withdrawal, emphatically prescribes carrying out or living according to the Will of God as the goal of man. "How to become the atuode of truth and how to demolish the wall of falsehood?" he asks, and then proceeds to answer, "Through following His Will." He then defines the will to be the 'Ocean of Virtues' or Altruistic. The Gurus' trasic perception of this Will is that it is Loving or Love. It is in this context that Guru Nanak proclaims that life is a 'game of love', and gives a call to humanity to follow this path. He says: "Shouldst thou seek to engage in the game of Love, step into my street with thy head placed on thy palm: While stepping on to this street, ungrudgingly sacrifice your head" (G.G.S., p. 1412), Repeated emphasis is laid on this goal of following the Will of God, Who is directing the universe.

Written by Sardar Kharak Singh ji.


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