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53rd Sikhs Frontier Force


Brief History

The 3rd Sikhs were raised in Ferozepore in 1846. They were presented with regimental colours in August 1848 so must have been a well organised unit by then. They were using flint muskets up until 1852 during which year they were issued with percussion muskets. The 3rd fought in the Second Afghan War and many other frontier battles. One of their more memorable exploits was in the storming of the heights at Dargai during the Pathan Revolt of 1897-8. This was the same battle that brought the Gordon Highlanders into the limelight when Piper Findlater won the VC for continuing to fight having been shot in both ankles. The 3rd Sikhs were right behind the Gordons and shared the victory when the tribesmen were routed.

In WW1, as the 53rd Sikhs, they served in India, Aden, Egypt and Mesopotamia. In 1922 they became the 3rd battalion 12th Frontier Force Regiment and were made a Royal battalion in the Silver Jubilee honours of 1935. In WW2 they were in India, Italian East Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Cyprus, Sicily, Italy and Greece.

Principal Campaigns and Battles
  • 1878 - 80 Afghanistan
  • 1879 Kabul
  • 1880 Kandahar
  •  Punjab Frontier
  •  Tirah
Predecessor Units
  • 3rd Regiment of the Frontier Force
    (1846 - 1847)
  • 3rd Sikh Local Infantry
    (1847 - 1857)
  • 3rd Sikh Infantry, Punjab Irregular Force
    (1857 - 1865)
  • 3rd Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force
    (1865 - 1901)
  • 3rd Sikh Infantry
    (1901 - 1903)
Successor Units

3rd/12th Frontier Force Regiment
(1922 - 1947)

Post-Independence Fate

To Pakistan


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