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 Q26. How was the world created, according to Sikhism?

God existed all alone in His abstract form - Nirgun - before He created the Universe. This may be called the state of recreation. God was in the state of sunn samadhi=state of pre-creation, state of contemplation of the void.
According to Guru Nanak, there was darkness and chaos for millions of years. There were mists and clouds. None existed except God. Guru Nanak says:

"There was darkness for countless years.
There was neither earth nor sky; there was only His Will.
There was neither day nor night, neither sun nor moon.
He (God) was in deep meditation.
There was nothing except Himself." (A. G.,pg 1035)

Then God willed the creation of the universe. He became manifest: Sargun. He diffused Himself in nature. Guru Nanak says: "Thou created all Thy Universe to please Thyself, to enjoy the spectacle, the reality, which is the light of Thy own Reality-self."

When was the world created? This is a mystery. Was this process of creation a sudden and impulsive one or was it one of evolution and growth? Only God who created it knows. Like a spider, God spun Himself into a web. A day will come when He will destroy that web once again become His sole self.
The Parkriti of three attributes (Rajas, Tamas, Satav) was created by God. Maya, attachment and illusion are also His creation: Guru Gobind Singh(10th Guru) writes:

"He created the Shakti of three Gunas(attributes)
The great Maya is His shadow."

The Universe is not an illusion. It is reality, not final and permanent but a reality on account of the presence of God in it.
This world is the abode of the Almighty and yet He transcends it.


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