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Once the State Governor (subedar) carne to see the Guru with the question "O Guru,
when you are pleased with a Sikh, what do you give him?"
"When I am pleased with a Sikh, I send to his house one who is dear to me", replied the Guru.

"Guruji, if you are very pleased with a Sikh, then what do you give him'!,'
"When I am more pleased with a Sikh, I send to his house, two of my dear ones."
"And if, Guruji, you are still more pleased, what would you give him?"
"In that case I would send three of my dear ones to his house."
The subedar continued to repeat his question, until the Guru had raised the number of
dear ones to ten.

"When you send ten dear ones to a Sikh, what does the Sikh gain out of it?"
"The more the dear ones that visit a Sikh, the more is the praise and discussion of the Lord. In the company of saints, spiritual discussion automatically takes place. Whatever the Sikh hears will stay in his mind, and ultimately liberate him from the cycle of birth and death. At the same time his livelihood will flourish, and his family will also follow his example in serving the saintly persons, to become pure like him. Such are the benefits of a saint's visit." The reply pleased the subedur.

saadhhoo dhhoor karo nith majan sabh kilabikh paap gavaaein ||
I take my daily cleansing bath in the dust of the feet of the Holy, and I am rid of all my sins.

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