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One who calls himself a guru or a spiritual teacher, while he goes around begging
-don'tever touch his feet.
One who works (honestly) for what he eats, and gives some of what he has
-O Nanak, he knows the (true) Path. ||1||
- (Guru Granth sahib ji, ps 1245)

Once a householder Sikh came to see Guru Har Rai ji, and narrated his problem thus: "O True King, I had a son who grew into a promising young man. He is dead now. I had hoped that he would take over the responsibilities of the household, and that I will come and stay in your service to earn salvation at your door. But my hopes have been shattered. What should I do in this plight? This is troubling me constantly."

"Tell me how many members are there in your family, and what do you do to make a living?" asked the Guru.

"O True King, there are two younger sons and a daughter, besides their mother. I am the fifth. With regard to livelihood, whatever I earn, is used to feed us all," replied the Sikh.

"If you are really keen to serve the Guru, start right away. Do your 'Kirt' and leave their care to God. He will look after them. You can make your life fruitful," said the Guru.

"O True King, my thinking is immature. I believe that without me they will perish. You are the Guru. Everything is at your command. Please, show me something to put faith into me."

Guru said "First you should do a task for me. We shall talk about faith, when you return. Deliver a message to my Sikh in 'so and so' village and make sure he has read the letter before you turn back."

"Please, give me the letter," requested the Sikh. . The Sikh w/o knowing what was in the letter carried the letter and delivered it and request the Sikh to please read the letter so that he can return. In the letter The Guru wrote a message, instructing that the messenger should be held back for six months, after which he should be released, and that he should be looked after well !!! and thus He was detained as per the Guru's instruction. The Sikh pleaded, "O brother, I have four persons to support. They can eat only if I earn. Without me they will starve. Please, let me go."

The Sikh replied, "Listen brother, it is you who have brought this letter. The Guru at whose command everything happens, has instructed that the man who brings this message, should NOT be allowed to return for six months. Now you advise whether we should obey you or the Guru who is omnipotent. Consider what is proper for you and what is proper for me, and then speak."
"Who am I? You should obey the all-powerful Guru."
"You have understood the situation correctly. Now be patient. Relax for six months, concentrate on the Guru in mind, after which I shall let you go. It is in both of our interests to obey the Guru." The Sikh agreed.

At the other end, the Guru arranged for the sustenance of the Sikh's family in this way.

They went without one meal. Their neighbors asked them why they had not cooked their meal. The Sikh's wife replied, "The one who earned (for the family) has abandoned us. God knows what was his consideration. Now our sustenance is in the hands of God. If He gives, we shall cook and eat. Otherwise, we shall bear it quietly." The neighbors thought it was not proper that the family should stay hungry in their midst, and that some arrangements must be made for them. To start with, each one of them brought one tray of flour for the family. There were fifty houses in the neighborhood. Thus, fifty trays of flour were collected. Then the inhabitants of the locality gave them employment. The two sons started working as attendants, and thus earning their livelihood. A lady from the neighborhood started giving the little girl and her mother lessons in embroidery. Thus, their sustenance was no longer a problem and they started earning they living.

On expiry of six months, the Sikh was released from detention. He immediately went to his family. He had been greatly worried. He was afraid that they would be no more. But when he found them hale and hearty, he was very happy. In fact, he saw that they were better off as compared to earlier times. When his wife told him the truth about the family, he understood Guru jis play and it made him all the more happy. He realized that the Guru had arranged all this to put faith into him. He went to see the Guru again, and out of gratefulness, said happily,

"O True King, you have taken me out of hell, and brought the reality before my eyes. Otherwise, my entire life would have been wasted worrying about food for the family. Now I have seen that in fact I was a hindrance in their sustenance. When I was away, there was abundance of everything. Now I shall do as instructed by you. Because of your mercy I have found true understanding and bliss."

keethaa kiaa saalaah eeai karae soe saalaahi ||
Why praise the created being? Praise the One who created all.

naanak eaekee baaharaa dhoojaa dhaathaa naahi ||
O Nanak, there is no other Giver, except the One Lord.

karathaa so saalaaheeai jin keethaa aakaar ||
Praise the Creator Lord, who created the creation.

dhaathaa so saalaah eeai j sabhasai dhae aadhhaar ||
Praise the Great Giver, who gives sustenence to all.

naanak aap sadheev hai p ooraa jis bha(n)ddaar ||
O Nanak, the treasure of the Eternal Lord is over-flowing.

vaddaa kar saalaaheeai a(n)th n p aaraavaar ||2||
Praise and honor the One, who has no end or limitation. ||2||

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