Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Guru Nanak Dev ji and fake saadhu

Guru Nanak Dev Ji once came upon a holy man sitting with eyes closed, surrounded by many people. A pot sat in front of him containing money people had donated.

Guru Ji inquired as to what was going on and was told that the saadhu was a divine sage who could see the whole world and tell the future.

This was quite powerful stuff, and people were offering money to be blessed by this holy saint.

Guru Ji smiled His sly smile, went to the front, picked up the pot of money and put it behind the holy man. Then He waited.

A few moments later the holy man opened his eyes and a look of devastation came upon him. His pot of money was missing. Immediately, he started asking those standing around him, Guru Ji was right there, where his pot of money went.

Guru Ji wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily. He asked the holy man to use his powers to find the pot of money. This the man could not do. He was a fake!

Guru Ji then told him that the money was behind him. Guru Ji lovingly taught the man to be truthful, to be detached from material world and this would lead him to eternal bliss.

To those surrounding the man in hopes of blessings, Guru Ji said to practice true faith themselves and not be fooled by the holy look. It is the practice of Truth that is the ultimate of all human beings.

Totally exposed, the man was ashamed. He begged for Guru Ji's forgiveness. He spent the rest of his years truthfully sharing the message of Guru Nanak.

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