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Naame Naraaein Nahi Bhed

The Sultan said, ""Listen, Naam Dayv: let me see the actions of your Lord.""||1||
The Sultan arrested Naam Dayv, and said, ""Let me see your Beloved Lord.""||1||Pause||

"Bring this dead cow back to life. Otherwise, I shall cut off your head here and now.""||2||
Naam Dayv answered, ""O king, how can this happen? No one can bring the dead back to life. ||3||
I cannot do anything by my own actions. Whatever the Lord does, that alone happens." |4||

The arrogant king was enraged at this reply. He incited an elephant to attack. ||5||
Naam Dayv's mother began to cry, and she said, ""Why don't you abandon your Lord Raam, and worship his Lord Allah?""||6||

Naam Dayv answered, ""I am not your son, and you are not my mother.
Even if my body dies, I will still sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.""||7||
The elephant attacked him with his trunk, but Naam Dayv was saved, protected by the Lord. ||8||

The king said, ""The Qazis and the Mullahs bow down to me, but this Hindu has trampled my honor.""||9||
The people pleaded with the king, ""Hear our prayer, O king. Here, take Naam Dayvs weight in gold, and release him.""||10||

The king replied, ""If I take the gold, then I will be consigned to hell, by forsaking my faith and gathering worldly wealth.""||11||

With his feet in chains, Naam Dayv kept the beat with his hands, singing the Praises of the Lord. ||12||
"Even if the Ganges and the Jamunaa rivers flow backwards, I will still continue singing the Praises of the Lord.""||13||

Three hours passed, and even then, the Lord of the three worlds had not come. ||14||
Playing on the instrument of the feathered wings, the Lord of the Universe came, mounted on the eagle garura. ||15||
He cherished His devotee, and the Lord came, mounted on the eagle garura. ||16||

The Lord said to him, ""If you wish, I shall turn the earth sideways.
If you wish, I shall turn it upside down. ||17||
If you wish, I shall bring the dead cow back to life.
Everyone will see and be convinced.""||18||

Naam Dayv prayed, and milked the cow. He brought the calf to the cow, and milked her.||19||
When the pitcher was filled with milk, Naam Dayv took it and placed it before the king. ||20||
The king went into his palace, and his heart was troubled. ||21||

Through the Qazis and the Mullahs, the king offered his prayer,
"Forgive me, please, O Hindu; I am just a cow before you."||22||

Naam Dayv said, ""Listen, O king: have I done this miracle? ||23||
The purpose of this miracle is that you, O king, should walk on the path of truth and humility.""||24||
Naam Dayv became famous everywhere for this. The Hindus all went together to Naam Dayv. ||25||
If the cow had not been revived, people would have lost faith in Naam Dayv. ||26||
The fame of Naam Dayv spread throughout the world. The humble devotees were saved and carried across with him. ||27||
All sorts of troubles and pains afflicted the slanderer. There is no difference between Naam Dayv and the Lord. ||28||1||10||

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