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The Crocodile and the priest.

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Once there was a crocodile.Every morning this crocodile would act very funny. He did something that crocodiles don't normally do. He would get up before the sun rose. He faithfully practiced his sadhana. Do you know what sadhana is?

Sadhana is your spiritual practice. It means when you do something every day to remember god. What do you do every day to remember God?

Well this crocodile was very wise and he knew that before the sun rises is the best time to meditate on God. So very, very early every morning he would take a long swim to fully exercise his body and then, with all his heart, chant and pray to god. He started each and every day with sadhana. After sadhana he would eat a healthy meal that gave him energy for the whole day. One morning a famous priest came by.

The priest saw the crocodile doing his sadhana and asked the crocodile, "Oh Crocodile..... What are you doing?!? You are an animal but you chant and pray every day. Why? What is the point?!?"
The Crocodile replied "Yes I am an animal..... but.... I wish to feel God That is why I practice sadhana every day."
"Well it won't work" replied the priest
"Why not?" Asked the Crocodile.
The priest answered "You can't feel God. You are only a crocodile. You have to wait to be reborn in a human body!"
The Crocodile boldly replied "Wow.... I think you are a fool. You look like a priest, but you don't even know the most basic things. The same God which created you, also created me!"

The priest was surprised to hear how wise the crocodile was.

The Crocodile continued "If I meditate and remember God every day, I have great chance at experiencing God but if you do not do any sadhana then you have no chance at all! In fact, in your next life YOU will become a crocodile!"

The Priest answered "Me? A crocodile? Where did you get such a silly idea?" Suddenly, poof!, the priest turned into a crocodile right on the spot!! Now there were 2 crocodiles sitting side by side.

The Crocodile asked the priest "So.... Now how do you feel?"

The priest was confused

The Priest answered "How did you know that I would turn into a crocodile?"
It turns out that the crocodile truly was wise.
The Crocodile answered "It is because I am a crocodile who lives in a sacred way. While you look like a priest but you behave like a crocodile."

See, the priest thought he was better than the crocodile, but we are all created by the same God. Whatever you are, never think that you are better than others, just live your life the very best you can. That's why Guru Nanak said:

Truth is high, but higher is living the truth

Sadhana and daily meditation help us to live the truth. Just breathing deeply can be your sadhana. Try it right now. Inhale deeply and remember that everyone is a child of the same God.

Inhale....hold your breath.

Even the bully at school, or people who are mean to you, they are also created equally by God.


Keep breathing deeply and remember: WE ARE ALL ONE.

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