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Three Holy Men

man maaeiaa mai fadhh reh iou bisariou go bi(n)dh naam ||
The mortal is entangled in Maya; he has forgotten the Name of the Lord of the Universe.

kahu naanak bin har bhajan j eevan kounae k aam ||30||
Says Nanak, without meditating on the Lord, what is the use of this human life? ||30||
- Guru Granth Sahib ji - 1428

Bhai Blissful Singh jee, Bhai Wonderful Singh jee and Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee were three gursikhs.

Once they were discussing dasvand (a tenth of a Sikhs earnings offered to the Guru) and Bhai Blissful Singh jee said,
"I don't like counting money at all. So taking out dasvand was a hassle for me, until I discovered a very nice way to share the money with guru jee."

Bhai Wondeful Singh jee said, "waheguru waheguru - And what - waheguru waheguru - might that - waheguru - be, pyare - waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru - Blissful Singh jee?"
"I just draw a star shape on the floor. It's radius is of 10 inches. Then I stand 10 inches away from the star and throw all the money towards it. The money that lands inside the star is the guru and the rest is mine."

Bhai Wonderful Singh jee said, "Wonderful - wahe wahe wahe wahe... - idea. Actually, great minds - waheguru waheguru - think alike. I too do the same, except I draw a circle of 10 inches – waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru".

Saying that both of them starting crying out of love for waheguru.

After their tears had dried up, they both looked at Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee.
Now, Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee was a curious holy man. They had never seen him actually sitting down for simran - although, he would talk about Naam all the time and would make up naam-related stories on the spot.

When asked why he was always sleeping during amrit vela, he would roll his eyes up and reply,"O Saints, my spiritual state is such that sleep and simran are same to me. I do simran in sleep and sleep in simran."

Being quite intoxicated in naam, both Bhai Blissful Singh jee and Bhai Wonderfult Singh jee would nod their heads and do more "waheguru waheguru..."

When Bhai Is-he-a Singh was asked why he watched TV so much, he would again roll his eyes and say, "O Beloved ones, I see waheguru in all. TV allows me to see many wahegurus at the same time."

On the question on why the TV show "Bay Watch" was his favorite show, he would say, "O saints, waheguru is in each grain of sand. In "Bay Watch" I see millions of waheguru all at once." (For those of us who are innocent, "Bay Watch" is a TV show in which people run around on the beach).

Anyways, asked about dasvand, Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee replied, "Sikho, I just throw all my money in the air. The amount that the guru wants, the guru keeps. The rest he throws right back."

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru..
waheguru waheguru waheguru..
waheguru …

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