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Slok Mehlaa Nauvan

JUTY mwnu khw krY jgu supny ijau jwnu ]

jhoothai maan kahaa karai jag supnay ji-o jaan.

Why do you take such false pride in yourself? You must know that the world is just a dream.

ien mY kCu qyro nhI nwnk kihE bKwin ]41]

in mai kachh tayro nahee naanak kahi-o bakhaan. ||41||

None of this is yours; Nanak proclaims this truth. ||41||

grbu krqu hY dyh ko ibnsY iCn mY mIq ]

garab karat hai dayh ko binsai chhin mai meet.

You are so proud of your body; it shall perish in an instant, my friend.

ijih pRwnI hir jsu kihE nwnk iqih jgu jIiq ]42]

jihi paraanee har jas kahi-o naanak tihi jag jeet. ||42||

That mortal who chants the Praises of the Lord, O Nanak, conquers the world. ||42||

ijh Git ismrnu rwm ko so nru mukqw jwnu ]

jih ghat simran raam ko so nar muktaa jaan.

That person, who meditates in remembrance on the Lord in his heart, is liberated - know this well.

iqih nr hir AMqru nhI nwnk swcI mwnu ]43]

tihi nar har antar nahee naanak saachee maan. ||43||

There is no difference between that person and the Lord: O Nanak, accept this as the Truth. ||43||

eyk Bgiq Bgvwn ijh pRwnI kY nwih min ]

ayk bhagat bhagvaan jih paraanee kai naahi man.

That person, who does not feel devotion to God in his mind

jYsy sUkr suAwn nwnk mwno qwih qnu ]44]

jaisay sookar su-aan naanak maano taahi tan. ||44||

- O Nanak, know that his body is like that of a pig, or a dog. ||44||

suAwmI ko igRhu ijau sdw suAwn qjq nhI inq ]

su-aamee ko garihu ji-o sadaa su-aan tajat nahee nit.

A dog never abandons the home of his master.

nwnk ieh ibiD hir Bjau iek min huie iek iciq ]45]

naanak ih biDh har bhaja-o ik man hu-ay ik chit. ||45||

O Nanak, in just the same way, vibrate, and meditate on the Lord, single-mindedly, with one-pointed consciousness. ||45||

qIrQ brq Aru dwn kir mn mY DrY gumwnu ]

tirath barat ar daan kar man mai Dharai gumaan.

Those who make pilgrimages to sacred shrines, observe ritualistic fasts and make donations to charity while still taking pride in their minds

nwnk inhPl jwq iqh ijau kuMcr iesnwnu ]46]

naanak nihfal jaat tih ji-o kunchar isnaan. ||46||

- O Nanak, their actions are useless, like the elephant, who takes a bath, and then rolls in the dust. ||46||

isru kMipE pg fgmgy nYn joiq qy hIn ]

sir kampi-o pag dagmagay nain jot tay heen.

The head shakes, the feet stagger, and the eyes become dull and weak.

khu nwnk ieh ibiD BeI qaU n hir ris lIn ]47]

kaho naanak ih biDh bha-ee ta-oo na har ras leen. ||47||

Says Nanak, this is your condition. And even now, you have not savored the sublime essence of the Lord. ||47||

inj kir dyiKE jgqu mY ko kwhU ko nwih ]

nij kar daykhi-o jagat mai ko kaahoo ko naahi.

I had looked upon the world as my own, but no one belongs to anyone else.

nwnk iQru hir Bgiq hY iqh rwKo mn mwih ]48]

naanak thir har bhagat hai tih raakho man maahi. ||48||

O Nanak, only devotional worship of the Lord is permanent; enshrine this in your mind. ||48|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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