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Slok Mehlaa Nauvan

jg rcnw sB JUT hY jwin lyhu ry mIq ]

jag rachnaa sabh jhooth hai jaan layho ray meet.

The world and its affairs are totally false; know this well, my friend.

kih nwnk iQru nw rhY ijau bwlU kI BIiq ]49]

kahi naanak thir naa rahai ji-o baaloo kee bheet. ||49||

Says Nanak, it is like a wall of sand; it shall not endure. ||49||

rwmu gieE rwvnu gieE jw kau bhu prvwru ]

raam ga-i-o raavan ga-i-o jaa ka-o baho parvaar.

Raam Chand passed away, as did Raawan, even though he had lots of relatives.

khu nwnk iQru kCu nhI supny ijau sMswru ]50]

kaho naanak thir kachh nahee supnay ji-o sansaar. ||50||

Says Nanak, nothing lasts forever; the world is like a dream. ||50||

icMqw qw kI kIjIAY jo AnhonI hoie ]

chintaa taa kee keejee-ai jo anhonee ho-ay.

People become anxious, when something unexpected happens.

iehu mwrgu sMswr ko nwnk iQru nhI koie ]51]

ih maarag sansaar ko naanak thir nahee ko-ay. ||51||

This is the way of the world, O Nanak; nothing is stable or permanent. ||51||

jo aupijE so ibnis hY pro Awju kY kwil ]

jo upji-o so binas hai paro aaj kai kaal.

Whatever has been created shall be destroyed; everyone shall perish, today or tomorrow.

nwnk hir gun gwie ly Cwif sgl jMjwl ]52]

naanak har gun gaa-ay lay chhaad sagal janjaal. ||52||

O Nanak, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and give up all other entanglements. ||52||

dohrw ]



blu CutikE bMDn pry kCU n hoq aupwie ]

bal chhutki-o banDhan paray kachhoo na hot upaa-ay.

My strength is exhausted, and I am in bondage; I cannot do anything at all.

khu nwnk Ab Et hir gj ijau hohu shwie ]53]

kaho naanak ab ot har gaj ji-o hohu sahaa-ay. ||53||

Says Nanak, now, the Lord is my Support; He will help me, as He did the elephant. ||53||

blu hoAw bMDn Cuty sBu ikCu hoq aupwie ]

bal ho-aa banDhan chhutay sabh kichh hot upaa-ay.

My strength has been restored, and my bonds have been broken; now, I can do everything.

nwnk sBu ikCu qumrY hwQ mY qum hI hoq shwie ]54]

naanak sabh kichh tumrai haath mai tum hee hot sahaa-ay. ||54||

Nanak: everything is in Your hands, Lord; You are my Helper and Support. ||54||

sMg sKw siB qij gey koaU n inbihE swiQ ]

sang sakhaa sabh taj ga-ay ko-oo na nib-hi-o saath.

My associates and companions have all deserted me; no one remains with me.

khu nwnk ieh ibpiq mY tyk eyk rGunwQ ]55]

kaho naanak ih bipat mai tayk ayk raghunaath. ||55||

Says Nanak, in this tragedy, the Lord alone is my Support. ||55||

nwmu rihE swDU rihE rihE guru goibMdu ]

naam rahi-o saaDhoo rahi-o rahi-o gur gobind.

The Naam remains; the Holy Saints remain; the Guru, the Lord of the Universe, remains.

khu nwnk ieh jgq mY ikn jipE gur mMqu ]56]

kaho naanak ih jagat mai kin japi-o gur mant. ||56||

Says Nanak, how rare are those who chant the Guru's Mantra in this world. ||56||

rwm nwmu aur mY gihE jw kY sm nhI koie ]

raam naam ur mai gahi-o jaa kai sam nahee ko-ay.

I have enshrined the Lord's Name within my heart; there is nothing equal to it.

ijh ismrq sMkt imtY drsu quhwro hoie ]57]1]

jih simrat sankat mitai daras tuhaaro ho-ay. ||57||1||

Meditating in remembrance on it, my troubles are taken away; I have received the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. ||57||1|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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