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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 04 Pauree  1-2


sloku ]



inrgunIAwr ieAwinAw so pRBu sdw smwil ]

nirgunee-aar i-aani-aa so parabh sadaa samaal.

You worthless, ignorant fool - dwell upon God forever.

ijin kIAw iqsu cIiq rKu nwnk inbhI nwil ]1]

jin kee-aa tis cheet rakh naanak nibhee naal. ||1||

Cherish in your consciousness the One who created you; O Nanak, He alone shall go along with you. ||1||

AstpdI ]



rmeIAw ky gun cyiq prwnI ]

rama-ee-aa kay gun chayt paraanee.

Think of the Glory of the All-pervading Lord, O mortal;

kvn mUl qy kvn idRstwnI ]

kavan mool tay kavan daristaanee.

what is your origin, and what is your appearance?

ijin qUM swij svwir sIgwirAw ]

jin tooN saaj savaar seegaari-aa.

He who fashioned, adorned and decorated you

grB Agin mih ijnih aubwirAw ]

garabh agan meh jineh ubaari-aa.

- in the fire of the womb, He preserved you.

bwr ibvsQw quJih ipAwrY dUD ]

baar bivasthaa tujheh pi-aarai dooDh.

In your infancy, He gave you milk to drink.

Bir jobn Bojn suK sUD ]

bhar joban bhojan sukh sooDh.

In the flower of your youth, He gave you food, pleasure and understanding.

ibriD BieAw aUpir swk sYn ] muiK AipAwau bYT kau dYn ]

biraDh bha-i-aa oopar saak sain. mukh api-aa-o baith ka-o dain.

As you grow old, family and friends are there to feed you as you rest.

iehu inrgunu gunu kCU n bUJY ]

ih nirgun gun kachhoo na boojhai.

This worthless person has not appreciated in the least, all the good deeds done for him.

bKis lyhu qau nwnk sIJY ]1]

bakhas layho ta-o naanak seejhai. ||1||

If you bless him with forgiveness, O Nanak, only then will he be saved. ||1||

ijh pRswid Dr aUpir suiK bsih ]

jih parsaad Dhar oopar sukh baseh.

By His Grace, you abide in comfort upon the earth.

suq BRwq mIq binqw sMig hsih ]

sut bharaat meet banitaa sang haseh.

With your children, siblings, friends and spouse, you laugh.

ijh pRswid pIvih sIql jlw ]

jih parsaad peeveh seetal jalaa.

By His Grace, you drink in cool water.

suKdweI pvnu pwvku Amulw ]

sukh-daa-ee pavan paavak amulaa.

You have peaceful breezes and priceless fire.

ijh pRswid Bogih siB rsw ]

jih parsaad bhogeh sabh rasaa.

By His Grace, you enjoy all sorts of pleasures.

sgl smgRI sMig swiQ bsw ]

sagal samagree sang saath basaa.

You are provided with all the necessities of life.

dIny hsq pwv krn nyqR rsnw ]

deenay hasat paav karan naytar rasnaa.

He gave you hands, feet, ears, eyes and tongue,

iqsih iqAwig Avr sMig rcnw ]

tiseh ti-aag avar sang rachnaa.

and yet, you forsake Him and attach yourself to others.

AYsy doK mUV AMD ibAwpy ]

aisay dokh moorh anDh bi-aapay.

Such sinful mistakes cling to the blind fools;

nwnk kwiF lyhu pRB Awpy ]2]

naanak kaadh layho parabh aapay. ||2||

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