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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 04 Pauree 5-6


krqUiq psU kI mwns jwiq ]

kartoot pasoo kee maanas jaat.

They belong to the human species, but they act like animals.

lok pcwrw krY idnu rwiq ]

lok pachaaraa karai din raat.

They curse others day and night.

bwhir ByK AMqir mlu mwieAw ]

baahar bhaykh antar mal maa-i-aa.

Outwardly, they wear religious robes, but within is the filth of Maya.

Cpis nwih kCu krY CpwieAw ]

chhapas naahi kachh karai chhapaa-i-aa.

They cannot conceal this, no matter how hard they try.

bwhir igAwn iDAwn iesnwn ]

baahar gi-aan Dhi-aan isnaan.

Outwardly, they display knowledge, meditation and purification,

AMqir ibAwpY loBu suAwnu ]

antar bi-aapai lobh su-aan.

but within clings the dog of greed.

AMqir Agin bwhir qnu suAwh ]

antar agan baahar tan su-aah.

The fire of desire rages within; outwardly they apply ashes to their bodies.

gil pwQr kYsy qrY AQwh ]

gal paathar kaisay tarai athaah.

There is a stone around their neck - how can they cross the unfathomable ocean?

jw kY AMqir bsY pRBu Awip ]

jaa kai antar basai parabh aap.

Those, within whom God Himself abides

nwnk qy jn shij smwiq ]5]

naanak tay jan sahj samaat. ||5||

- O Nanak, those humble beings are intuitively absorbed in the Lord. ||5||

suin AMDw kYsy mwrgu pwvY ]

sun anDhaa kaisay maarag paavai.

By listening, how can the blind find the path?

kru gih lyhu EiV inbhwvY ]

kar geh layho orh nibhaavai.

Take hold of his hand, and then he can reach his destination.

khw buJwriq bUJY forw ]

kahaa bujhaarat boojhai doraa.

How can a riddle be understood by the deaf?

inis khIAY qau smJY Borw ]

nis kahee-ai ta-o samjhai bhoraa.

Say 'night', and he thinks you said 'day'.

khw ibsnpd gwvY guMg ]

kahaa bisanpad gaavai gung.

How can the mute sing the Songs of the Lord?

jqn krY qau BI sur BMg ]

jatan karai ta-o bhee sur bhang.

He may try, but his voice will fail him.

kh ipMgul prbq pr Bvn ]

kah pingul parbat par bhavan.

How can the cripple climb up the mountain?

nhI hoq aUhw ausu gvn ]

nahee hot oohaa us gavan.

He simply cannot go there.

krqwr kruxw mY dInu bynqI krY ]

kartaar karunaa mai deen bayntee karai.

O Creator, Lord of Mercy - Your humble servant prays;

nwnk qumrI ikrpw qrY ]6]

naanak tumree kirpaa tarai. ||6||

Nanak: by Your Grace, please save me. ||6|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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