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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 06 Pauree 3-4


ijh pRswid Awrog kMcn dyhI ]

jih parsaad aarog kanchan dayhee.

By His Grace, you have a healthy, golden body;

ilv lwvhu iqsu rwm snyhI ]

liv laavhu tis raam sanayhee.

attune yourself to that Loving Lord.

ijh pRswid qyrw Elw rhq ]

jih parsaad tayraa olaa rahat.

By His Grace, your honor is preserved;

mn suKu pwvih hir hir jsu khq ]

man sukh paavahi har har jas kahat.

O mind, chant the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, and find peace.

ijh pRswid qyry sgl iCdR Fwky ]

jih parsaad tayray sagal chhidar dhaakay.

By His Grace, all your deficits are covered;

mn srnI pru Twkur pRB qw kY ]

man sarnee par thaakur parabh taa kai.

O mind, seek the Sanctuary of God, our Lord and Master.

ijh pRswid quJu ko n phUcY ]

jih parsaad tujh ko na pahoochai.

By His Grace, no one can rival you;

mn swis swis ismrhu pRB aUcy ]

man saas saas simrahu parabh oochay.

O mind, with each and every breath, remember God on High.

ijh pRswid pweI dRülB dyh ]

jih parsaad paa-ee darulabh dayh.

By His Grace, you obtained this precious human body;

nwnk qw kI Bgiq kryh ]3]

naanak taa kee bhagat karayh. ||3||

O Nanak, worship Him with devotion. ||3||

ijh pRswid AwBUKn pihrIjY ]

jih parsaad aabhookhan pehreejai.

By His Grace, you wear decorations;

mn iqsu ismrq ikau Awlsu kIjY ]

man tis simrat ki-o aalas keejai.

O mind, why are you so lazy? Why don't you remember Him in meditation?

ijh pRswid AsÍ hsiq AsvwrI ]

jih parsaad asav hasat asvaaree.

By His Grace, you have horses and elephants to ride;

mn iqsu pRB kau kbhU n ibswrI ]

man tis parabh ka-o kabhoo na bisaaree.

O mind, never forget that God.

ijh pRswid bwg imlK Dnw ]

jih parsaad baag milakh Dhanaa.

By His Grace, you have land, gardens and wealth;

rwKu proie pRBu Apuny mnw ]

raakh paro-ay parabh apunay manaa.

keep God enshrined in your heart.

ijin qyrI mn bnq bnweI ]

jin tayree man banat banaa-ee.

O mind, the One who formed your form

aUTq bYTq sd iqsih iDAweI ]

oothat baithat sad tiseh Dhi-aa-ee.

- standing up and sitting down, meditate always on Him.

iqsih iDAwie jo eyk AlKY ]

tiseh Dhi-aa-ay jo ayk alkhai.

Meditate on Him - the One Invisible Lord;

eIhw aUhw nwnk qyrI rKY ]4]

eehaa oohaa naanak tayree rakhai. ||4||

here and hereafter, O Nanak, He shall save you. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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