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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 09 Pauree 7-8


pRB kI AwigAw Awqm ihqwvY ]

parabh kee aagi-aa aatam hitaavai.

One who, in his soul, loves the Will of God,

jIvn mukiq soaU khwvY ]

jeevan mukat so-oo kahaavai.

is said to be Jivan Mukta - liberated while yet alive.

qYsw hrKu qYsw ausu sogu ]

taisaa harakh taisaa us sog.

As is joy, so is sorrow to him.

sdw Anµdu qh nhI ibEgu ]

sadaa anand tah nahee bi-og.

He is in eternal bliss, and is not separated from God.

qYsw suvrnu qYsI ausu mwtI ]

taisaa suvran taisee us maatee.

As is gold, so is dust to him.

qYsw AMimRqu qYsI ibKu KwtI ]

taisaa amrit taisee bikh khaatee.

As is ambrosial nectar, so is bitter poison to him.

qYsw mwnu qYsw AiBmwnu ]

taisaa maan taisaa abhimaan.

As is honor, so is dishonor.

qYsw rMku qYsw rwjwnu ]

taisaa rank taisaa raajaan.

As is the beggar, so is the king.

jo vrqwey sweI jugiq ]

jo vartaa-ay saa-ee jugat.

Whatever God ordains, that is his way.

nwnk Ehu purKu khIAY jIvn mukiq ]7]

naanak oh purakh kahee-ai jeevan mukat. ||7||

O Nanak, that being is known as Jivan Mukta. ||7||

pwrbRhm ky sgly Twau ]

paarbarahm kay saglay thaa-o.

All places belong to the Supreme Lord God.

ijqu ijqu Gir rwKY qYsw iqn nwau ]

jit jit ghar raakhai taisaa tin naa-o.

According to the homes in which they are placed, so are His creatures named.

Awpy krn krwvn jogu ]

aapay karan karaavan jog.

He Himself is the Doer, the Cause of causes.

pRB BwvY soeI Puin hogu ]

parabh bhaavai so-ee fun hog.

Whatever pleases God, ultimately comes to pass.

psirE Awip hoie Anq qrMg ]

pasri-o aap ho-ay anat tarang.

He Himself is All-pervading, in endless waves.

lKy n jwih pwrbRhm ky rMg ]

lakhay na jaahi paarbarahm kay rang.

The playful sport of the Supreme Lord God cannot be known.

jYsI miq dyie qYsw prgws ]

jaisee mat day-ay taisaa pargaas.

As the understanding is given, so is one enlightened.

pwrbRhmu krqw Aibnws ]

paarbarahm kartaa abinaas.

The Supreme Lord God, the Creator, is eternal and everlasting.

sdw sdw sdw dieAwl ]

sadaa sadaa sadaa da-i-aal.

Forever, forever and ever, He is merciful.

ismir ismir nwnk Bey inhwl ]8]9]

simar simar naanak bha-ay nihaal. ||8||9||

Remembering Him, remembering Him in meditation, O Nanak, one is blessed with ecstasy. ||8||9|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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