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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 11 Pauree 3-4


khu mwnuK qy ikAw hoie AwvY ]

kaho maanukh tay ki-aa ho-ay aavai.

Tell me - what can a mere mortal do?

jo iqsu BwvY soeI krwvY ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee karaavai.

Whatever pleases God is what He causes us to do.

ies kY hwiQ hoie qw sBu ikCu lyie ]

is kai haath ho-ay taa sabh kichh lay-ay.

If it were in our hands, we would grab up everything.

jo iqsu BwvY soeI kryie ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee karay-i.

Whatever pleases God - that is what He does.

Anjwnq ibiKAw mih rcY ]

anjaanat bikhi-aa meh rachai.

Through ignorance, people are engrossed in corruption.

jy jwnq Awpn Awp bcY ]

jay jaanat aapan aap bachai.

If they knew better, they would save themselves.

Brmy BUlw dh idis DwvY ]

bharmay bhoolaa dah dis Dhaavai.

Deluded by doubt, they wander around in the ten directions.

inmK mwih cwir kuMt iPir AwvY ]

nimakh maahi chaar kunt fir aavai.

In an instant, their minds go around the four corners of the world and come back again.

kir ikrpw ijsu ApnI Bgiq dyie ]

kar kirpaa jis apnee bhagat day-ay.

Those whom the Lord mercifully blesses with His devotional worship

nwnk qy jn nwim imlyie ]3]

naanak tay jan naam milay-ay. ||3||

- O Nanak, they are absorbed into the Naam. ||3||

iKn mih nIc kIt kau rwj ]

khin meh neech keet ka-o raaj.

In an instant, the lowly worm is transformed into a king.

pwrbRhm grIb invwj ]

paarbarahm gareeb nivaaj.

The Supreme Lord God is the Protector of the humble.

jw kw idRsit kCU n AwvY ]

jaa kaa darisat kachhoo na aavai.

Even one who has never been seen at all,

iqsu qqkwl dh ids pRgtwvY ]

tis tatkaal dah dis paragtaavai.

becomes instantly famous in the ten directions.

jw kau ApunI krY bKsIs ]

jaa ka-o apunee karai bakhsees.

And that one upon whom He bestows His blessings

qw kw lyKw n gnY jgdIs ]

taa kaa laykhaa na ganai jagdees.

- the Lord of the world does not hold him to his account.

jIau ipMfu sB iqs kI rwis ]

jee-o pind sabh tis kee raas.

Soul and body are all His property.

Git Git pUrn bRhm pRgws ]

ghat ghat pooran barahm pargaas.

Each and every heart is illuminated by the Perfect Lord God.

ApnI bxq Awip bnweI ]

apnee banat aap banaa-ee.

He Himself fashioned His own handiwork.

nwnk jIvY dyiK bfweI ]4]

naanak jeevai daykh badaa-ee. ||4||

Nanak lives by beholding His greatness. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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