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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 15 pauree 1-2


sloku ]



srb klw BrpUr pRB ibrQw jwnnhwr ]

sarab kalaa bharpoor parabh birthaa jaananhaar.

God is totally imbued with all powers; He is the Knower of our troubles.

jw kY ismrin auDrIAY nwnk iqsu bilhwr ]1]

jaa kai simran uDhree-ai naanak tis balihaar. ||1||

Meditating in remembrance on Him, we are saved; Nanak is a sacrifice to Him. ||1||

AstpdI ]



tUtI gwFnhwr guopwl ]

tootee gaadhanhaar gopaal.

The Lord of the World is the Mender of the broken.

srb jIAw Awpy pRiqpwl ]

sarab jee-aa aapay partipaal.

He Himself cherishes all beings.

sgl kI icMqw ijsu mn mwih ]

sagal kee chintaa jis man maahi.

The cares of all are on His Mind;

iqs qy ibrQw koeI nwih ]

tis tay birthaa ko-ee naahi.

no one is turned away from Him.

ry mn myry sdw hir jwip ]

ray man mayray sadaa har jaap.

O my mind, meditate forever on the Lord.

AibnwsI pRBu Awpy Awip ]

abhinaasee parabh aapay aap.

The Imperishable Lord God is Himself All-in-all.

Awpn kIAw kCU n hoie ]

aapan kee-aa kachhoo na ho-ay.

By one's own actions, nothing is accomplished,

jy sau pRwnI locY koie ]

jay sa-o paraanee lochai ko-ay.

even though the mortal may wish it so, hundreds of times.

iqsu ibnu nwhI qyrY ikCu kwm ]

tis bin naahee tayrai kichh kaam.

Without Him, nothing is of any use to you.

giq nwnk jip eyk hir nwm ]1]

gat naanak jap ayk har naam. ||1||

Salvation, O Nanak, is attained by chanting the Name of the One Lord. ||1||

rUpvMqu hoie nwhI mohY ]

roopvant ho-ay naahee mohai.

One who is good-looking should not be vain;

pRB kI joiq sgl Gt sohY ]

parabh kee jot sagal ghat sohai.

the Light of God is in all hearts.

DnvMqw hoie ikAw ko grbY ]

Dhanvantaa ho-ay ki-aa ko garbai.

Why should anyone be proud of being rich?

jw sBu ikCu iqs kw dIAw drbY ]

jaa sabh kichh tis kaa dee-aa darbai.

All riches are His gifts.

Aiq sUrw jy koaU khwvY ]

at sooraa jay ko-oo kahaavai.

One may call himself a great hero,

pRB kI klw ibnw kh DwvY ]

parabh kee kalaa binaa kah Dhaavai.

but without God's Power, what can anyone do?

jy ko hoie bhY dwqwru ]

jay ko ho-ay bahai daataar.

One who brags about giving to charities

iqsu dynhwru jwnY gwvwru ]

tis daynhaar jaanai gaavaar.

- the Great Giver shall judge him to be a fool.

ijsu gur pRswid qUtY hau rogu ]

jis gur parsaad tootai ha-o rog.

One who, by Guru's Grace, is cured of the disease of ego

nwnk so jnu sdw Arogu ]2]

naanak so jan sadaa arog. ||2||

- O Nanak, that person is forever healthy. ||2||

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