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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 15 pauree 7-8


imrqk kau jIvwlnhwr ]

mirtak ka-o jeevaalanhaar.

He infuses life back into the dead.

BUKy kau dyvq ADwr ]

bhookhay ka-o dayvat aDhaar.

He gives food to the hungry.

srb inDwn jw kI idRstI mwih ]

sarab niDhaan jaa kee daristee maahi.

All treasures are within His Glance of Grace.

purb ilKy kw lhxw pwih ]

purab likhay kaa lahnaa paahi.

People obtain that which they are pre-ordained to receive.

sBu ikCu iqs kw Ehu krnY jogu ]

sabh kichh tis kaa oh karnai jog.

All things are His; He is the Doer of all.

iqsu ibnu dUsr hoAw n hogu ]

tis bin doosar ho-aa na hog.

Other than Him, there has never been any other, and there shall never be.

jip jn sdw sdw idnu rYxI ]

jap jan sadaa sadaa din rainee.

Meditate on Him forever and ever, day and night.

sB qy aUc inrml ieh krxI ]

sabh tay ooch nirmal ih karnee.

This way of life is exalted and immaculate.

kir ikrpw ijs kau nwmu dIAw ]

kar kirpaa jis ka-o naam dee-aa.

One whom the Lord, in His Grace, blesses with His Name

nwnk so jnu inrmlu QIAw ]7]

naanak so jan nirmal thee-aa. ||7||

- O Nanak, that person becomes immaculate and pure. ||7||

jw kY min gur kI prqIiq ]

jaa kai man gur kee parteet.

One who has faith in the Guru in his mind

iqsu jn AwvY hir pRBu cIiq ]

tis jan aavai har parabh cheet.

comes to dwell upon the Lord God.

Bgqu Bgqu sunIAY iqhu loie ]

bhagat bhagat sunee-ai tihu lo-ay.

He is acclaimed as a devotee, a humble devotee throughout the three worlds.

jw kY ihrdY eyko hoie ]

jaa kai hirdai ayko ho-ay.

The One Lord is in his heart.

scu krxI scu qw kI rhq ]

sach karnee sach taa kee rahat.

True are his actions; true are his ways.

scu ihrdY siq muiK khq ]

sach hirdai sat mukh kahat.

True is his heart; Truth is what he speaks with his mouth.

swcI idRsit swcw Awkwru ]

saachee darisat saachaa aakaar.

True is his vision; true is his form.

scu vrqY swcw pwswru ]

sach vartai saachaa paasaar.

He distributes Truth and he spreads Truth.

pwrbRhmu ijin scu kir jwqw ]

paarbarahm jin sach kar jaataa.

One who recognizes the Supreme Lord God as True

nwnk so jnu sic smwqw ]8]15]

naanak so jan sach samaataa. ||8||15||

- O Nanak, that humble being is absorbed into the True One. ||8||15|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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