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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 16 Pauree 3-4


jw kI lIlw kI imiq nwih ]

jaa kee leelaa kee mit naahi.

There is no limit to His play.

sgl dyv hwry Avgwih ]

sagal dayv haaray avgaahi.

All the demigods have grown weary of searching for it.

ipqw kw jnmu ik jwnY pUqu ]

pitaa kaa janam ke jaanai poot.

What does the son know of his father's birth?

sgl proeI ApunY sUiq ]

sagal paro-ee apunai soot.

All are strung upon His string.

sumiq igAwnu iDAwnu ijn dyie ] jn dws nwmu iDAwvih syie ]

sumat gi-aan Dhi-aan jin day-ay. jan daas naam Dhi-aavahi say-ay.

He bestows good sense, spiritual wisdom and meditation on His humble servants and slaves who meditate on the Naam.

iqhu gux mih jw kau Brmwey ]

tihu gun meh jaa ka-o bharmaa-ay.

He leads some astray in the three qualities;

jnim mrY iPir AwvY jwey ]

janam marai fir aavai jaa-ay.

they are born and die, coming and going over and over again.

aUc nIc iqs ky AsQwn ]

ooch neech tis kay asthaan.

The high and the low are His places.

jYsw jnwvY qYsw nwnk jwn ]3]

jaisaa janaavai taisaa naanak jaan. ||3||

As He inspires us to know Him, O Nanak, so is He known. ||3||

nwnw rUp nwnw jw ky rMg ]

naanaa roop naanaa jaa kay rang.

Many are His forms; many are His colors.

nwnw ByK krih iek rMg ]

naanaa bhaykh karahi ik rang.

Many are the appearances which He assumes, and yet He is still the One.

nwnw ibiD kIno ibsQwru ]

naanaa biDh keeno bisthaar.

In so many ways, He has extended Himself.

pRBu AibnwsI eykMkwru ]

parabh abhinaasee aykankaar.

The Eternal Lord God is the One, the Creator.

nwnw cilq kry iKn mwih ]

naanaa chalit karay khin maahi.

He performs His many plays in an instant.

pUir rihE pUrnu sB Twie ]

poor rahi-o pooran sabh thaa-ay.

The Perfect Lord is pervading all places.

nwnw ibiD kir bnq bnweI ]

naanaa biDh kar banat banaa-ee.

In so many ways, He created the creation.

ApnI kImiq Awpy pweI ]

apnee keemat aapay paa-ee.

He alone can estimate His worth.

sB Gt iqs ky sB iqs ky Twau ]

sabh ghat tis kay sabh tis kay thaa-o.

All hearts are His, and all places are His.

jip jip jIvY nwnk hir nwau ]4]

jap jap jeevai naanak har naa-o. ||4||

Nanak lives by chanting, chanting the Name of the Lord. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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