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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 17 Pauree 1-2

sloku ]



 Awid scu jugwid scu ]

aad sach jugaad sach.

True in the beginning, True throughout the ages,

 hY iB scu nwnk hosI iB scu ]1]

hai bhe sach naanak hosee bhe sach. ||1||

True here and now. O Nanak, He shall forever be True. ||1||

 AstpdI ]



 crn siq siq prsnhwr ]

charan sat sat parsanhaar.

His Lotus Feet are True, and True are those who touch Them.

 pUjw siq siq syvdwr ]

poojaa sat sat sayvdaar.

His devotional worship is True, and True are those who worship Him.

 drsnu siq siq pyKnhwr ]

darsan sat sat paykhanhaar.

The Blessing of His Vision is True, and True are those who behold it.

 nwmu siq siq iDAwvnhwr ]

naam sat sat Dhi-aavanhaar.

His Naam is True, and True are those who meditate on it.

 Awip siq siq sB DwrI ]

aap sat sat sabh Dhaaree.

He Himself is True, and True is all that He sustains.

 Awpy gux Awpy guxkwrI ]

aapay gun aapay gunkaaree.

He Himself is virtuous goodness, and He Himself is the Bestower of virtue.

 sbdu siq siq pRBu bkqw ]

sabad sat sat parabh baktaa.

The Word of His Shabad is True, and True are those who speak of God.

 suriq siq siq jsu sunqw ]

surat sat sat jas suntaa.

Those ears are True, and True are those who listen to His Praises.

 buJnhwr kau siq sB hoie ]

bujhanhaar ka-o sat sabh ho-ay.

All is True to one who understands.

 nwnk siq siq pRBu soie ]1]

naanak sat sat parabh so-ay. ||1||

O Nanak, True, True is He, the Lord God. ||1||

 siq srUpu irdY ijin mwinAw ]

sat saroop ridai jin maani-aa.

One who believes in the Embodiment of Truth with all his heart

 krn krwvn iqin mUlu pCwinAw ]

karan karaavan tin mool pachhaani-aa.

recognizes the Cause of causes as the Root of all.

 jw kY irdY ibsÍwsu pRB AwieAw ]

jaa kai ridai bisvaas parabh aa-i-aa.

One whose heart is filled with faith in God

 qqu igAwnu iqsu min pRgtwieAw ]

tat gi-aan tis man paragtaa-i-aa.

- the essence of spiritual wisdom is revealed to his mind.

 BY qy inrBau hoie bswnw ]

bhai tay nirbha-o ho-ay basaanaa.

Coming out of fear, he comes to live without fear.

 ijs qy aupijAw iqsu mwih smwnw ]

jis tay upji-aa tis maahi samaanaa.

He is absorbed into the One, from whom he originated.

 bsqu mwih ly bsqu gfweI ]

basat maahi lay basat gadaa-ee.

When something blends with its own,

 qw kau iBMn n khnw jweI ]

taa ka-o bhinn na kahnaa jaa-ee.

it cannot be said to be separate from it.

 bUJY bUJnhwru ibbyk ]

boojhai boojhanhaar bibayk.

This is understood only by one of discerning understanding.

 nwrwien imly nwnk eyk ]2]

naaraa-in milay naanak ayk. ||2||

Meeting with the Lord, O Nanak, he becomes one with Him. ||2|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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