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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 17 Pauree 3-4

Twkur kw syvku AwigAwkwrI ]

thaakur kaa sayvak aagi-aakaaree.

The servant is obedient to his Lord and Master.

 Twkur kw syvku sdw pUjwrI ]

thaakur kaa sayvak sadaa poojaaree.

The servant worships his Lord and Master forever.

 Twkur ky syvk kY min prqIiq ]

thaakur kay sayvak kai man parteet.

The servant of the Lord Master has faith in his mind.

 Twkur ky syvk kI inrml rIiq ]

thaakur kay sayvak kee nirmal reet.

The servant of the Lord Master lives a pure lifestyle.

 Twkur kau syvku jwnY sMig ]

thaakur ka-o sayvak jaanai sang.

The servant of the Lord Master knows that the Lord is with him.

 pRB kw syvku nwm kY rMig ]

parabh kaa sayvak naam kai rang.

God's servant is attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

 syvk kau pRB pwlnhwrw ]

sayvak ka-o parabh paalanhaaraa.

God is the Cherisher of His servant.

 syvk kI rwKY inrMkwrw ]

sayvak kee raakhai nirankaaraa.

The Formless Lord preserves His servant.

 so syvku ijsu dieAw pRBu DwrY ]

so sayvak jis da-i-aa parabh Dhaarai.

Unto His servant, God bestows His Mercy.

 nwnk so syvku swis swis smwrY ]3]

naanak so sayvak saas saas samaarai. ||3||

O Nanak, that servant remembers Him with each and every breath. ||3||

 Apuny jn kw prdw FwkY ]

apunay jan kaa pardaa dhaakai.

He covers the faults of His servant.

 Apny syvk kI srpr rwKY ]

apnay sayvak kee sarpar raakhai.

He surely preserves the honor of His servant.

 Apny dws kau dyie vfweI ]

apnay daas ka-o day-ay vadaa-ee.

He blesses His slave with greatness.

 Apny syvk kau nwmu jpweI ]

apnay sayvak ka-o naam japaa-ee.

He inspires His servant to chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

 Apny syvk kI Awip piq rwKY ]

apnay sayvak kee aap pat raakhai.

He Himself preserves the honor of His servant.

 qw kI giq imiq koie n lwKY ]

taa kee gat mit ko-ay na laakhai.

No one knows His state and extent.

 pRB ky syvk kau ko n phUcY ]

parabh kay sayvak ka-o ko na pahoochai.

No one is equal to the servant of God.

 pRB ky syvk aUc qy aUcy ]

parabh kay sayvak ooch tay oochay.

The servant of God is the highest of the high.

 jo pRiB ApnI syvw lwieAw ]

jo parabh apnee sayvaa laa-i-aa.

One whom God applies to His own service, O Nanak

 nwnk so syvku dh idis pRgtwieAw ]4]

naanak so sayvak dah dis paragtaa-i-aa. ||4||

- that servant is famous in the ten directions. ||4||

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