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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 17 Pauree 5-6

nIkI kIrI mih kl rwKY ]

neekee keeree meh kal raakhai.

He infuses His Power into the tiny ant;

 Bsm krY lskr koit lwKY ]

bhasam karai laskar kot laakhai.

it can then reduce the armies of millions to ashes

 ijs kw swsu n kwFq Awip ]

jis kaa saas na kaadhat aap.

Those whose breath of life He Himself does not take away

 qw kau rwKq dy kir hwQ ]

taa ka-o raakhat day kar haath.

- He preserves them, and holds out His Hands to protect them.

 mwns jqn krq bhu Bwiq ]

maanas jatan karat baho bhaat.

You may make all sorts of efforts,

 iqs ky krqb ibrQy jwiq ]

tis kay kartab birthay jaat.

but these attempts are in vain.

 mwrY n rwKY Avru n koie ]

maarai na raakhai avar na ko-ay.

No one else can kill or preserve

 srb jIAw kw rwKw soie ]

sarab jee-aa kaa raakhaa so-ay.

- He is the Protector of all beings.

 kwhy soc krih ry pRwxI ]

kaahay soch karahi ray paraanee.

So why are you so anxious, O mortal?

 jip nwnk pRB AlK ivfwxI ]5]

jap naanak parabh alakh vidaanee. ||5||

Meditate, O Nanak, on God, the invisible, the wonderful! ||5||

 bwrM bwr bwr pRBu jpIAY ]

baaraN baar baar parabh japee-ai.

Time after time, again and again, meditate on God.

 pI AMimRqu iehu mnu qnu DRpIAY ]

pee amrit ih man tan Dharpee-ai.

Drinking in this Nectar, this mind and body are satisfied.

 nwm rqnu ijin gurmuiK pwieAw ]

naam ratan jin gurmukh paa-i-aa.

The jewel of the Naam is obtained by the Gurmukhs;

 iqsu ikCu Avru nwhI idRstwieAw ]

tis kichh avar naahee daristaa-i-aa.

they see no other than God.

 nwmu Dnu nwmo rUpu rMgu ]

naam Dhan naamo roop rang.

Unto them, the Naam is wealth, the Naam is beauty and delight.

 nwmo suKu hir nwm kw sMgu ]

naamo sukh har naam kaa sang.

The Naam is peace, the Lord's Name is their companion.

 nwm ris jo jn iqRpqwny ]

naam ras jo jan tariptaanay.

Those who are satisfied by the essence of the Naam

 mn qn nwmih nwim smwny ]

man tan naameh naam samaanay.

- their minds and bodies are drenched with the Naam.

 aUTq bYTq sovq nwm ]

oothat baithat sovat naam.

While standing up, sitting down and sleeping, the Naam,

 khu nwnk jn kY sd kwm ]6]

kaho naanak jan kai sad kaam. ||6||

says Nanak, is forever the occupation of God's humble servant. ||6|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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