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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 17 Pauree 7-8


bolhu jsu ijhbw idnu rwiq ]

bolhu jas jihbaa din raat.

Chant His Praises with your tongue, day and night.

pRiB ApnY jn kInI dwiq ]

parabh apnai jan keenee daat.

God Himself has given this gift to His servants.

krih Bgiq Awqm kY cwie ]

karahi bhagat aatam kai chaa-ay.

Performing devotional worship with heart-felt love,

pRB Apny isau rhih smwie ]

parabh apnay si-o raheh samaa-ay.

they remain absorbed in God Himself.

jo hoAw hovq so jwnY ]

jo ho-aa hovat so jaanai.

They know the past and the present.

pRB Apny kw hukmu pCwnY ]

parabh apnay kaa hukam pachhaanai.

They recognize God's Own Command.

iqs kI mihmw kaun bKwnau ]

tis kee mahimaa ka-un bakhaana-o.

Who can describe His Glory?

iqs kw gunu kih eyk n jwnau ]

tis kaa gun kahi ayk na jaan-o.

I cannot describe even one of His virtuous qualities.

AwT phr pRB bsih hjUry ]

aath pahar parabh baseh hajooray.

Those who dwell in God's Presence, twenty-four hours a day

khu nwnk syeI jn pUry ]7]

kaho naanak say-ee jan pooray. ||7||

- says Nanak, they are the perfect persons. ||7||

mn myry iqn kI Et lyih ]

man mayray tin kee ot layhi.

O my mind, seek their protection;

mnu qnu Apnw iqn jn dyih ]

man tan apnaa tin jan deh.

give your mind and body to those humble beings.

ijin jin Apnw pRBU pCwqw ]

jin jan apnaa parabhoo pachhaataa.

Those humble beings who recognizes God

so jnu srb Qok kw dwqw ]

so jan sarab thok kaa daataa.

are the givers of all things.

iqs kI srin srb suK pwvih ]

tis kee saran sarab sukh paavahi.

In His Sanctuary, all comforts are obtained.

iqs kY dris sB pwp imtwvih ]

tis kai daras sabh paap mitaaveh.

By the Blessing of His Darshan, all sins are erased.

Avr isAwnp sglI Cwfu ]

avar si-aanap saglee chhaad.

So renounce all other clever devices,

iqsu jn kI qU syvw lwgu ]

tis jan kee too sayvaa laag.

and enjoin yourself to the service of those servants.

Awvnu jwnu n hovI qyrw ]

aavan jaan na hovee tayraa.

Your comings and goings shall be ended.

nwnk iqsu jn ky pUjhu sd pYrw ]8]17]

naanak tis jan kay poojahu sad pairaa. ||8||17||

O Nanak, worship the feet of God's humble servants forever. ||8||17|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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