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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 18 Pauree 7-8

qpiq mwih TwiF vrqweI ]

tapat maahi thaadh vartaa-ee.

In the burning heat, a soothing coolness prevails.

 Andu BieAw duK nwTy BweI ]

anad bha-i-aa dukh naathay bhaa-ee.

Happiness ensues and pain departs, O Siblings of Destiny.

 jnm mrn ky imty AMdysy ]

janam maran kay mitay andaysay.

The fear of birth and death is dispelled,

 swDU ky pUrn aupdysy ]

saaDhoo kay pooran updaysay.

by the perfect Teachings of the Holy Saint.

 Bau cUkw inrBau hoie bsy ]

bha-o chookaa nirbha-o ho-ay basay.

Fear is lifted, and one abides in fearlessness.

 sgl ibAwiD mn qy KY nsy ]

sagal bi-aaDh man tay khai nasay.

All evils are dispelled from the mind.

 ijs kw sw iqin ikrpw DwrI ]

jis kaa saa tin kirpaa Dhaaree.

He takes us into His favor as His own.

 swDsMig jip nwmu murwrI ]

saaDhsang jap naam muraaree.

In the Company of the Holy, chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

 iQiq pweI cUky BRm gvn ]

thit paa-ee chookay bharam gavan.

Stability is attained; doubt and wandering cease,

 suin nwnk hir hir jsu sRvn ]7]

sun naanak har har jas sarvan. ||7||

O Nanak, listening with one's ears to the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har. ||7||

 inrgunu Awip srgunu BI EhI ]

nirgun aap sargun bhee ohee.

He Himself is absolute and unrelated; He Himself is also involved and related.

 klw Dwir ijin sglI mohI ]

kalaa Dhaar jin saglee mohee.

Manifesting His power, He fascinates the entire world.

 Apny cirq pRiB Awip bnwey ]

apnay charit parabh aap banaa-ay.

God Himself sets His play in motion.

 ApunI kImiq Awpy pwey ]

apunee keemat aapay paa-ay.

Only He Himself can estimate His worth.

 hir ibnu dUjw nwhI koie ]

har bin doojaa naahee ko-ay.

There is none, other than the Lord.

 srb inrMqir eyko soie ]

sarab nirantar ayko so-ay.

Permeating all, He is the One.

 Eiq poiq rivAw rUp rMg ]

ot pot ravi-aa roop rang.

Through and through, He pervades in form and color.

 Bey pRgws swD kY sMg ]

bha-ay pargaas saaDh kai sang.

He is revealed in the Company of the Holy.

 ric rcnw ApnI kl DwrI ]

rach rachnaa apnee kal Dhaaree.

Having created the creation, He infuses His own power into it.

 Aink bwr nwnk bilhwrI ]8]18]

anik baar naanak balihaaree. ||8||18||

So many times, Nanak is a sacrifice to Him. ||8||18|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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