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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 19 Pauree 1-2

 sloku ]



 swiQ n cwlY ibnu Bjn ibiKAw sglI Cwru ]

saath na chaalai bin bhajan bikhi-aa saglee chhaar.

Nothing shall go along with you, except your devotion. All corruption is like ashes.

 hir hir nwmu kmwvnw nwnk iehu Dnu swru ]1]

har har naam kamaavanaa naanak ih Dhan saar. ||1||

Practice the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. O Nanak, this is the most excellent wealth. ||1||

 AstpdI ]



 sMq jnw imil krhu bIcwru ]

sant janaa mil karahu beechaar.

Joining the Company of the Saints, practice deep meditation.

 eyku ismir nwm AwDwru ]

ayk simar naam aaDhaar.

Remember the One, and take the Support of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

 Avir aupwv siB mIq ibswrhu ]

avar upaav sabh meet bisaarahu.

Forget all other efforts, O my friend

 crn kml ird mih auir Dwrhu ]

charan kamal rid meh ur Dhaarahu.

- enshrine the Lord's Lotus Feet within your heart.

 krn kwrn so pRBu smrQu ]

karan kaaran so parabh samrath.

God is All-powerful; He is the Cause of causes.

 idRVu kir ghhu nwmu hir vQu ]

darirh kar gahhu naam har vath.

Grasp firmly the object of the Lord's Name.

 iehu Dnu sMchu hovhu BgvMq ]

ih Dhan sanchahu hovhu bhagvant.

Gather this wealth, and become very fortunate.

 sMq jnw kw inrml mMq ]

sant janaa kaa nirmal mant.

Pure are the instructions of the humble Saints.

 eyk Aws rwKhu mn mwih ]

ayk aas raakho man maahi.

Keep faith in the One Lord within your mind.

 srb rog nwnk imit jwih ]1]

sarab rog naanak mit jaahi. ||1||

All disease, O Nanak, shall then be dispelled. ||1||

 ijsu Dn kau cwir kuMt auiT Dwvih ]

jis Dhan ka-o chaar kunt uth Dhaaveh.

The wealth which you chase after in the four directions

 so Dnu hir syvw qy pwvih ]

so Dhan har sayvaa tay paavahi.

- you shall obtain that wealth by serving the Lord.

 ijsu suK kau inq bwCih mIq ]

jis sukh ka-o nit baachheh meet.

The peace, which you always yearn for, O friend

 so suKu swDU sMig prIiq ]

so sukh saaDhoo sang pareet.

- that peace comes by the love of the Company of the Holy.

 ijsu soBw kau krih BlI krnI ]

jis sobhaa ka-o karahi bhalee karnee.

The glory, for which you perform good deeds

 sw soBw Bju hir kI srnI ]

saa sobhaa bhaj har kee sarnee.

- you shall obtain that glory by seeking the Lord's Sanctuary.

 Aink aupwvI rogu n jwie ]

anik upaavee rog na jaa-ay.

All sorts of remedies have not cured the disease

 rogu imtY hir AvKDu lwie ]

rog mitai har avkhaDh laa-ay.

- the disease is cured only by giving the medicine of the Lord's Name.

 srb inDwn mih hir nwmu inDwnu ]

sarab niDhaan meh har naam niDhaan.

Of all treasures, the Lord's Name is the supreme treasure.

 jip nwnk drgih prvwnu ]2]

jap naanak dargahi parvaan. ||2||

Chant it, O Nanak, and be accepted in the Court of the Lord. ||2 will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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