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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 19 Pauree 5-6

sMig n cwlis qyrY Dnw ]

sang na chaalas tayrai Dhanaa.

Your wealth shall not go with you;

 qUM ikAw lptwvih mUrK mnw ]

tooN ki-aa laptaavahi moorakh manaa.

why do you cling to it, you fool?

 suq mIq kutMb Aru binqw ]

sut meet kutamb ar banitaa.

Children, friends, family and spouse

 ien qy khhu qum kvn snwQw ]

in tay kahhu tum kavan sanaathaa.

- who of these shall accompany you?

 rwj rMg mwieAw ibsQwr ]

raaj rang maa-i-aa bisthaar.

Power, pleasure, and the vast expanse of Maya

 ien qy khhu kvn Cutkwr ]

in tay kahhu kavan chhutkaar.

- who has ever escaped from these?

 Asu hsqI rQ AsvwrI ]

as hastee rath asvaaree.

Horses, elephants, chariots and pageantry

 JUTw fMPu JUTu pwswrI ]

jhoothaa damf jhooth paasaaree.

- false shows and false displays.

 ijin dIey iqsu buJY n ibgwnw ]

jin dee-ay tis bujhai na bigaanaa.

The fool does not acknowledge the One who gave this;

 nwmu ibswir nwnk pCuqwnw ]5]

naam bisaar naanak pachhutaanaa. ||5||

forgetting the Naam, O Nanak, he will repent in the end. ||5||

 gur kI miq qUM lyih ieAwny ]

gur kee mat tooN layhi i-aanay.

Take the Guru's advice, you ignorant fool;

 Bgiq ibnw bhu fUby isAwny ]

bhagat binaa baho doobay si-aanay.

without devotion, even the clever have drowned.

 hir kI Bgiq krhu mn mIq ]

har kee bhagat karahu man meet.

Worship the Lord with heart-felt devotion, my friend;

 inrml hoie qum@wro cIq ]

nirmal ho-ay tumHaaro cheet.

your consciousness shall become pure.

 crn kml rwKhu mn mwih ]

charan kamal raakho man maahi.

Enshrine the Lord's Lotus Feet in your mind;

 jnm jnm ky iklibK jwih ]

janam janam kay kilbikh jaahi.

the sins of countless lifetimes shall depart.

 Awip jphu Avrw nwmu jpwvhu ]

aap japahu avraa naam japaavhu.

Chant the Naam yourself, and inspire others to chant it as well.

 sunq khq rhq giq pwvhu ]

sunat kahat rahat gat paavhu.

Hearing, speaking and living it, emancipation is obtained.

 swr BUq siq hir ko nwau ]

saar bhoot sat har ko naa-o.

The essential reality is the True Name of the Lord.

 shij suBwie nwnk gun gwau ]6]

sahj subhaa-ay naanak gun gaa-o. ||6||

With intuitive ease, O Nanak, sing His Glorious Praises. ||6|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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