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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 19 Pauree 7-8


gun gwvq qyrI auqris mYlu ]

gun gaavat tayree utras mail.

Chanting His Glories, your filth shall be washed off.

ibnis jwie haumY ibKu PYlu ]

binas jaa-ay ha-umai bikh fail.

The all-consuming poison of ego will be gone.

hoih AicMqu bsY suK nwil ]

hohi achint basai sukh naal.

You shall become carefree, and you shall dwell in peace.

swis gRwis hir nwmu smwil ]

saas garaas har naam samaal.

With every breath and every morsel of food, cherish the Lord's Name.

Cwif isAwnp sglI mnw ]

chhaad si-aanap saglee manaa.

Renounce all clever tricks, O mind.

swDsMig pwvih scu Dnw ]

saaDhsang paavahi sach Dhanaa.

In the Company of the Holy, you shall obtain the true wealth.

hir pUMjI sMic krhu ibauhwru ]

har poonjee sanch karahu bi-uhaar.

So gather the Lord's Name as your capital, and trade in it.

eIhw suKu drgh jYkwru ]

eehaa sukh dargeh jaikaar.

In this world you shall be at peace, and in the Court of the Lord, you shall be acclaimed.

srb inrMqir eyko dyKu ]

sarab nirantar ayko daykh.

See the One permeating all;

khu nwnk jw kY msqik lyKu ]7]

kaho naanak jaa kai mastak laykh. ||7||

says Nanak, your destiny is pre-ordained. ||7||

eyko jip eyko swlwih ]

ayko jap ayko saalaahi.

Meditate on the One, and worship the One.

eyku ismir eyko mn Awih ]

ayk simar ayko man aahi.

Remember the One, and yearn for the One in your mind.

eyks ky gun gwau Anµq ]

aykas kay gun gaa-o anant.

Sing the endless Glorious Praises of the One.

min qin jwip eyk BgvMq ]

man tan jaap ayk bhagvant.

With mind and body, meditate on the One Lord God.

eyko eyku eyku hir Awip ]

ayko ayk ayk har aap.

The One Lord Himself is the One and Only.

pUrn pUir rihE pRBu ibAwip ]

pooran poor rahi-o parabh bi-aap.

The Pervading Lord God is totally permeating all.

Aink ibsQwr eyk qy Bey ]

anik bisthaar ayk tay bha-ay.

The many expanses of the creation have all come from the One.

eyku ArwiD prwCq gey ]

ayk araaDh paraachhat ga-ay.

Adoring the One, past sins are removed.

mn qn AMqir eyku pRBu rwqw ]

man tan antar ayk parabh raataa.

Mind and body within are imbued with the One God.

gur pRswid nwnk ieku jwqw ]8]19]

gur parsaad naanak ik jaataa. ||8||19||

By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, the One is known. ||8||19|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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