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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 20 Pauree 3-4

syvk kI mnsw pUrI BeI ]

sayvak kee mansaa pooree bha-ee.

The wishes of the Lord's servant are fulfilled.

 siqgur qy inrml miq leI ]

satgur tay nirmal mat la-ee.

From the True Guru, the pure teachings are obtained.

 jn kau pRBu hoieE dieAwlu ]

jan ka-o parabh ho-i-o da-i-aal.

Unto His humble servant, God has shown His kindness.

 syvku kIno sdw inhwlu ]

sayvak keeno sadaa nihaal.

He has made His servant eternally happy.

 bMDn kwit mukiq jnu BieAw ]

banDhan kaat mukat jan bha-i-aa.

The bonds of His humble servant are cut away, and he is liberated.

 jnm mrn dUKu BRmu gieAw ]

janam maran dookh bharam ga-i-aa.

The pains of birth and death, and doubt are gone.

 ieC punI srDw sB pUrI ]

ichh punee sarDhaa sabh pooree.

Desires are satisfied, and faith is fully rewarded,

 riv rihAw sd sMig hjUrI ]

rav rahi-aa sad sang hajooree.

imbued forever with His all-pervading peace.

 ijs kw sw iqin lIAw imlwie ]

jis kaa saa tin lee-aa milaa-ay.

He is His - he merges in Union with Him.

 nwnk BgqI nwim smwie ]3]

naanak bhagtee naam samaa-ay. ||3||

Nanak is absorbed in devotional worship of the Naam. ||3||

 so ikau ibsrY ij Gwl n BwnY ]

so ki-o bisrai je ghaal na bhaanai.

Why forget Him, who does not overlook our efforts?

 so ikau ibsrY ij kIAw jwnY ]

so ki-o bisrai je kee-aa jaanai.

Why forget Him, who acknowledges what we do?

 so ikau ibsrY ijin sBu ikCu dIAw ]

so ki-o bisrai jin sabh kichh dee-aa.

Why forget Him, who has given us everything?

 so ikau ibsrY ij jIvn jIAw ]

so ki-o bisrai je jeevan jee-aa.

Why forget Him, who is the Life of the living beings?

 so ikau ibsrY ij Agin mih rwKY ]

so ki-o bisrai je agan meh raakhai.

Why forget Him, who preserves us in the fire of the womb?

 gur pRswid ko ibrlw lwKY ]

gur parsaad ko birlaa laakhai.

By Guru's Grace, rare is the one who realizes this.

 so ikau ibsrY ij ibKu qy kwFY ]

so ki-o bisrai je bikh tay kaadhai.

Why forget Him, who lifts us up out of corruption?

 jnm jnm kw tUtw gwFY ]

janam janam kaa tootaa gaadhai.

Those separated from Him for countless lifetimes, are re-united with Him once again.

 guir pUrY qqu iehY buJwieAw ]

gur poorai tat ihai bujhaa-i-aa.

Through the Perfect Guru, this essential reality is understood.

 pRBu Apnw nwnk jn iDAwieAw ]4]

parabh apnaa naanak jan Dhi-aa-i-aa. ||4||

O Nanak, God's humble servants meditate on Him. ||4||

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