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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 21 Pauree 7-8

jh Awip ricE prpMcu Akwru ]

jah aap rachi-o parpanch akaar.

When He Himself fashioned the visible world of the creation,

 iqhu gux mih kIno ibsQwru ]

tihu gun meh keeno bisthaar.

he made the world subject to the three dispositions.

 pwpu puMnu qh BeI khwvq ]

paap punn tah bha-ee kahaavat.

Sin and virtue then began to be spoken of.

 koaU nrk koaU surg bMCwvq ]

ko-oo narak ko-oo surag banchhaavat.

Some have gone to hell, and some yearn for paradise.

 Awl jwl mwieAw jMjwl ]

aal jaal maa-i-aa janjaal.

Worldly snares and entanglements of Maya,

 haumY moh Brm BY Bwr ]

ha-umai moh bharam bhai bhaar.

egotism, attachment, doubt and loads of fear;

 dUK sUK mwn Apmwn ]

dookh sookh maan apmaan.

pain and pleasure, honor and dishonor

 Aink pRkwr kIE bK´wn ]

anik parkaar kee-o bakh-yaan.

- these came to be described in various ways.

 Awpn Kylu Awip kir dyKY ]

aapan khayl aap kar daykhai.

He Himself creates and beholds His own drama.

 Kylu sMkocY qau nwnk eykY ]7]

khayl sankochai ta-o naanak aykai. ||7||

He winds up the drama, and then, O Nanak, He alone remains. ||7||

 jh Aibgqu Bgqu qh Awip ]

jah abigat bhagat tah aap.

Wherever the Eternal Lord's devotee is, He Himself is there.

 jh psrY pwswru sMq prqwip ]

jah pasrai paasaar sant partaap.

He unfolds the expanse of His creation for the glory of His Saint.

 duhU pwK kw Awpih DnI ]

duhoo paakh kaa aapeh Dhanee.

He Himself is the Master of both worlds.

 aun kI soBw aunhU bnI ]

un kee sobhaa unhoo banee.

His Praise is to Himself alone.

 Awpih kauqk krY And coj ]

aapeh ka-utak karai anad choj.

He Himself performs and plays His amusements and games.

 Awpih rs Bogn inrjog ]

aapeh ras bhogan nirjog.

He Himself enjoys pleasures, and yet He is unaffected and untouched.

 ijsu BwvY iqsu Awpn nwie lwvY ]

jis bhaavai tis aapan naa-ay laavai.

He attaches whomever He pleases to His Name.

 ijsu BwvY iqsu Kyl iKlwvY ]

jis bhaavai tis khayl khilaavai.

He causes whomever He pleases to play in His play.

 bysumwr AQwh Agnq AqolY ]

baysumaar athaah agnat atolai.

He is beyond calculation, beyond measure, uncountable and unfathomable.

 ijau bulwvhu iqau nwnk dws bolY ]8]21]

ji-o bulaavhu ti-o naanak daas bolai. ||8||21||

As You inspire him to speak, O Lord, so does servant Nanak speak. ||8||21|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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