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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 23 Pauree 7-8

ies qy hoie su nwhI burw ]

is tay ho-ay so naahee buraa.

If it comes from Him, it cannot be bad.

 ErY khhu iknY kCu krw ]

orai kahhu kinai kachh karaa.

Other than Him, who can do anything?

 Awip Blw krqUiq Aiq nIkI ]

aap bhalaa kartoot at neekee.

He Himself is good; His actions are the very best.

 Awpy jwnY Apny jI kI ]

aapay jaanai apnay jee kee.

He Himself knows His Own Being.

 Awip swcu DwrI sB swcu ]

aap saach Dhaaree sabh saach.

He Himself is True, and all that He has established is True.

 Eiq poiq Awpn sMig rwcu ]

ot pot aapan sang raach.

Through and through, He is blended with His creation.

 qw kI giq imiq khI n jwie ]

taa kee gat mit kahee na jaa-ay.

His state and extent cannot be described.

 dUsr hoie q soJI pwie ]

doosar ho-ay ta sojhee paa-ay.

If there were another like Him, then only he could understand Him.

 iqs kw kIAw sBu prvwnu ]

tis kaa kee-aa sabh parvaan.

His actions are all approved and accepted.

 gur pRswid nwnk iehu jwnu ]7]

gur parsaad naanak ih jaan. ||7||

By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, this is known. ||7||

 jo jwnY iqsu sdw suKu hoie ]

jo jaanai tis sadaa sukh ho-ay.

One who knows Him, obtains everlasting peace.

 Awip imlwie ley pRBu soie ]

aap milaa-ay la-ay parabh so-ay.

God blends that one into Himself.

 Ehu DnvMqu kulvMqu piqvMqu ]

oh Dhanvant kulvant pativant.

He is wealth and prosperous, and of noble birth.

 jIvn mukiq ijsu irdY BgvMqu ]

jeevan mukat jis ridai bhagvant.

He is Jivan Mukta - liberated while yet alive; the Lord God abides in his heart.

 DMnu DMnu DMnu jnu AwieAw ]

Dhan Dhan Dhan jan aa-i-aa.

Blessed, blessed, blessed is the coming of that humble being;

 ijsu pRswid sBu jgqu qrwieAw ]

jis parsaad sabh jagat taraa-i-aa.

by his grace, the whole world is saved.

 jn Awvn kw iehY suAwau ]

jan aavan kaa ihai su-aa-o.

This is his purpose in life;

 jn kY sMig iciq AwvY nwau ]

jan kai sang chit aavai naa-o.

in the Company of this humble servant, the Lord's Name comes to mind.

 Awip mukqu mukqu krY sMswru ]

aap mukat mukat karai sansaar.

He Himself is liberated, and He liberates the universe.

 nwnk iqsu jn kau sdw nmskwru ]8]23]

naanak tis jan ka-o sadaa namaskaar. ||8||23||

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