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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 24 Pauree 7-8

 iehu inDwnu jpY min koie ]

ih niDhaan japai man ko-ay.

One who chants this treasure in his mind

 sB jug mih qw kI giq hoie ]

sabh jug meh taa kee gat ho-ay.

- in every age, he attains salvation.

 gux goibMd nwm Duin bwxI ]

gun gobind naam Dhun banee.

In it is the Glory of God, the Naam, the chanting of Gurbani.

 isimRiq swsqR byd bKwxI ]

simrit saastar bayd bakhaanee.

The Simritees, the Shaastras and the Vedas speak of it.

 sgl mqWq kyvl hir nwm ]

sagal mataaNt kayval har naam.

The essence of all religion is the Lord's Name alone.

 goibMd Bgq kY min ibsRwm ]

gobind bhagat kai man bisraam.

It abides in the minds of the devotees of God.

 koit ApRwD swDsMig imtY ]

kot apraaDh saaDhsang mitai.

Millions of sins are erased, in the Company of the Holy.

 sMq ik®pw qy jm qy CutY ]

sant kirpaa tay jam tay chhutai.

By the Grace of the Saint, one escapes the Messenger of Death.

 jw kY msqik krm pRiB pwey ]

jaa kai mastak karam parabh paa-ay.

Those, who have such pre-ordained destiny on their foreheads,

 swD srix nwnk qy Awey ]7]

saaDh saran naanak tay aa-ay. ||7||

O Nanak, enter the Sanctuary of the Saints. ||7||

 ijsu min bsY sunY lwie pRIiq ]

jis man basai sunai laa-ay pareet.

One, within whose mind it abides, and who listens to it with love

 iqsu jn AwvY hir pRBu cIiq ]

tis jan aavai har parabh cheet.

- that humble person consciously remembers the Lord God.

 jnm mrn qw kw dUKu invwrY ]

janam maran taa kaa dookh nivaarai.

The pains of birth and death are removed.

 dulB dyh qqkwl auDwrY ]

dulabh dayh tatkaal uDhaarai.

The human body, so difficult to obtain, is instantly redeemed.

 inrml soBw AMimRq qw kI bwnI ]

nirmal sobhaa amrit taa kee baanee.

Spotlessly pure is his reputation, and ambrosial is his speech.

 eyku nwmu mn mwih smwnI ]

ayk naam man maahi samaanee.

The One Name permeates his mind.

 dUK rog ibnsy BY Brm ]

dookh rog binsay bhai bharam.

Sorrow, sickness, fear and doubt depart.

 swD nwm inrml qw ky krm ]

saaDh naam nirmal taa kay karam.

He is called a Holy person; his actions are immaculate and pure.

 sB qy aUc qw kI soBw bnI ]

sabh tay ooch taa kee sobhaa banee.

His glory becomes the highest of all.

 nwnk ieh guix nwmu suKmnI ]8]24]

naanak ih gun naam sukhmanee. ||8||24||

O Nanak, by these Glorious Virtues, this is named Sukhmani, Peace of mind. ||8||24||

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