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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee13 Pauree 5-6


sMq kw doKI AD bIc qy tUtY ]

sant kaa dokhee aDh beech tay tootai.

The slanderer of the Saint breaks down mid-way.

sMq kw doKI ikqY kwij n phUcY ]

sant kaa dokhee kitai kaaj na pahoochai.

The slanderer of the Saint cannot accomplish his tasks.

sMq ky doKI kau auidAwn BRmweIAY ]

sant kay dokhee ka-o udi-aan bharmaa-ee-ai.

The slanderer of the Saint wanders in the wilderness.

sMq kw doKI auJiV pweIAY ]

sant kaa dokhee ujharh paa-ee-ai.

The slanderer of the Saint is misled into desolation.

sMq kw doKI AMqr qy QoQw ]

sant kaa dokhee antar tay thothaa.

The slanderer of the Saint is empty inside,

ijau sws ibnw imrqk kI loQw ]

ji-o saas binaa mirtak kee lothaa.

like the corpse of a dead man, without the breath of life.

sMq ky doKI kI jV ikCu nwih ]

sant kay dokhee kee jarh kichh naahi.

The slanderer of the Saint has no heritage at all.

Awpn bIij Awpy hI Kwih ]

aapan beej aapay hee khaahi.

He himself must eat what he has planted.

sMq ky doKI kau Avru n rwKnhwru ]

sant kay dokhee ka-o avar na raakhanhaar.

The slanderer of the Saint cannot be saved by anyone else.

nwnk sMq BwvY qw ley aubwir ]5]

naanak sant bhaavai taa la-ay ubaar. ||5||

O Nanak, if it pleases the Saint, then even he may be saved. ||5||

sMq kw doKI ieau ibllwie ]

sant kaa dokhee i-o billaa-ay.

The slanderer of the Saint bewails like this

ijau jl ibhUn mCulI qVPVwie ]

ji-o jal bihoon machhulee tarhafrhaa-ay.

- like a fish, out of water, writhing in agony.

sMq kw doKI BUKw nhI rwjY ]

sant kaa dokhee bhookhaa nahee raajai.

The slanderer of the Saint is hungry and is never satisfied,

ijau pwvku eIDin nhI DRwpY ]

ji-o paavak eeDhan nahee Dharaapai.

as fire is not satisfied by fuel.

sMq kw doKI CutY iekylw ]

sant kaa dokhee chhutai ikaylaa.

The slanderer of the Saint is left all alone,

ijau bUAwVu iqlu Kyq mwih duhylw ]

ji-o boo-aarh til khayt maahi duhaylaa.

like the miserable barren sesame stalk abandoned in the field.

sMq kw doKI Drm qy rhq ]

sant kaa dokhee Dharam tay rahat.

The slanderer of the Saint is devoid of faith.

sMq kw doKI sd imiQAw khq ]

sant kaa dokhee sad mithi-aa kahat.

The slanderer of the Saint constantly lies.

ikrqu inMdk kw Duir hI pieAw ]

kirat nindak kaa Dhur hee pa-i-aa.

The fate of the slanderer is pre-ordained from the very beginning of time.

nwnk jo iqsu BwvY soeI iQAw ]6]

naanak jo tis bhaavai so-ee thi-aa. ||6||

O Nanak, whatever pleases God's Will comes to pass. ||6|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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