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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee14 Pauree 7-8


ijn pRBu jwqw su soBwvMq ]

jin parabh jaataa so sobhaavant.

Those who know God are glorious.

sgl sMswru auDrY iqn mMq ]

sagal sansaar uDhrai tin mant.

The whole world is redeemed by their teachings.

pRB ky syvk sgl auDwrn ]

parabh kay sayvak sagal uDhaaran.

God's servants redeem all.

pRB ky syvk dUK ibswrn ]

parabh kay sayvak dookh bisaaran.

God's servants cause sorrows to be forgotten.

Awpy myil ley ikrpwl ]

aapay mayl la-ay kirpaal.

The Merciful Lord unites them with Himself.

gur kw sbdu jip Bey inhwl ]

gur kaa sabad jap bha-ay nihaal.

Chanting the Word of the Guru's Shabad, they become ecstatic.

aun kI syvw soeI lwgY ]

un kee sayvaa so-ee laagai.

He alone is committed to serve them,

ijs no ik®pw krih bfBwgY ]

jis no kirpaa karahi badbhaagai.

upon whom God bestows His Mercy, by great good fortune.

nwmu jpq pwvih ibsRwmu ]

naam japat paavahi bisraam.

Those who chant the Naam find their place of rest.

nwnk iqn purK kau aUqm kir mwnu ]7]

naanak tin purakh ka-o ootam kar maan. ||7||

O Nanak, respect those persons as the most noble. ||7||

jo ikCu krY su pRB kY rMig ]

jo kichh karai so parabh kai rang.

Whatever you do, do it for the Love of God.

sdw sdw bsY hir sMig ]

sadaa sadaa basai har sang.

Forever and ever, abide with the Lord.

shj suBwie hovY so hoie ]

sahj subhaa-ay hovai so ho-ay.

By its own natural course, whatever will be will be.

krxYhwru pCwxY soie ]

karnaihaar pachhaanai so-ay.

Acknowledge that Creator Lord;

pRB kw kIAw jn mIT lgwnw ]

parabh kaa kee-aa jan meeth lagaanaa.

God's doings are sweet to His humble servant.

jYsw sw qYsw idRstwnw ]

jaisaa saa taisaa daristaanaa.

As He is, so does He appear.

ijs qy aupjy iqsu mwih smwey ]

jis tay upjay tis maahi samaa-ay.

From Him we came, and into Him we shall merge again.

Eie suK inDwn aunhU bin Awey ]

o-ay sukh niDhaan unhoo ban aa-ay.

He is the treasure of peace, and so does His servant become.

Awps kau Awip dIno mwnu ]

aapas ka-o aap deeno maan.

Unto His own, He has given His honor.

nwnk pRB jnu eyko jwnu ]8]14]

naanak parabh jan ayko jaan. ||8||14||

O Nanak, know that God and His humble servant are one and the same. ||8||14|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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