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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee  02 Pauree 3-4

CUtq nhI koit lK bwhI ]

chhootat nahee kot lakh baahee.

You shall not be saved by hundreds of thousands and millions of helping hands.

 nwmu jpq qh pwir prwhI ]

naam japat tah paar paraahee.

Chanting the Naam, you shall be lifted up and carried across.

 Aink ibGn jh Awie sMGwrY ]

anik bighan jah aa-ay sanghaarai.

Where countless misfortunes threaten to destroy you,

 hir kw nwmu qqkwl auDwrY ]

har kaa naam tatkaal uDhaarai.

the Name of the Lord shall rescue you in an instant.

 Aink join jnmY mir jwm ]

anik jon janmai mar jaam.

Through countless incarnations, people are born and die.

 nwmu jpq pwvY ibsRwm ]

naam japat paavai bisraam.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, you shall come to rest in peace.

 hau mYlw mlu kbhu n DovY ]

ha-o mailaa mal kabahu na Dhovai.

The ego is polluted by a filth which can never be washed off.

 hir kw nwmu koit pwp KovY ]

har kaa naam kot paap khovai.

The Name of the Lord erases millions of sins.

 AYsw nwmu jphu mn rMig ]

aisaa naam japahu man rang.

Chant such a Name with love, O my mind.

 nwnk pweIAY swD kY sMig ]3]

naanak paa-ee-ai saaDh kai sang. ||3||

O Nanak, it is obtained in the Company of the Holy. ||3||

 ijh mwrg ky gny jwih n kosw ]

jih maarag kay ganay jaahi na kosaa.

On that path where the miles cannot be counted,

 hir kw nwmu aUhw sMig qosw ]

har kaa naam oohaa sang tosaa.

there, the Name of the Lord shall be your sustenance.

 ijh pYfY mhw AMD gubwrw ]

jih paidai mahaa anDh gubaaraa.

On that journey of total, pitch-black darkness,

 hir kw nwmu sMig aujIAwrw ]

har kaa naam sang ujee-aaraa.

the Name of the Lord shall be the Light with you.

 jhw pMiQ qyrw ko n iswnU ]

jahaa panth tayraa ko na sinjaanoo.

On that journey where no one knows you,

 hir kw nwmu qh nwil pCwnU ]

har kaa naam tah naal pachhaanoo.

with the Name of the Lord, you shall be recognized.

 jh mhw BieAwn qpiq bhu Gwm ]

jah mahaa bha-i-aan tapat baho ghaam.

Where there is awesome and terrible heat and blazing sunshine,

 qh hir ky nwm kI qum aUpir Cwm ]

tah har kay naam kee tum oopar chhaam.

there, the Name of the Lord will give you shade.

 jhw iqRKw mn quJu AwkrKY ]

jahaa tarikhaa man tujh aakrakhai.

Where thirst, O my mind, torments you to cry out,

 qh nwnk hir hir AMimRqu brKY ]4]

tah naanak har har amrit barkhai. ||4||

there, O Nanak, the Ambrosial Name, Har, Har, shall rain down upon you. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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