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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 11 Pauree 1-2

sloku ]



 krx kwrx pRBu eyku hY dUsr nwhI koie ]

karan kaaran parabh ayk hai doosar naahee ko-ay.

God alone is the Doer of deeds - there is no other at all.

 nwnk iqsu bilhwrxY jil Qil mhIAil soie ]1]

naanak tis balihaarnai jal thal mahee-al so-ay. ||1||

O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the One, who pervades the waters, the lands, the sky and all space. ||1||

 AstpdI ]



 krn krwvn krnY jogu ]

karan karaavan karnai jog.

The Doer, the Cause of causes, is potent to do anything.

 jo iqsu BwvY soeI hogu ]

jo tis bhaavai so-ee hog.

That which pleases Him, comes to pass.

 iKn mih Qwip auQwpnhwrw ]

khin meh thaap uthaapanhaaraa.

In an instant, He creates and destroys.

 AMqu nhI ikCu pwrwvwrw ]

ant nahee kichh paaraavaaraa.

He has no end or limitation.

 hukmy Dwir ADr rhwvY ]

hukmay Dhaar aDhar rahaavai.

By His Order, He established the earth, and He maintains it unsupported.

 hukmy aupjY hukim smwvY ]

hukmay upjai hukam samaavai.

By His Order, the world was created; by His Order, it shall merge again into Him.

 hukmy aUc nIc ibauhwr ]

hukmay ooch neech bi-uhaar.

By His Order, one's occupation is high or low.

 hukmy Aink rMg prkwr ]

hukmay anik rang parkaar.

By His Order, there are so many colors and forms.

 kir kir dyKY ApnI vifAweI ]

kar kar daykhai apnee vadi-aa-ee.

Having created the Creation, He beholds His own greatness.

 nwnk sB mih rihAw smweI ]1]

naanak sabh meh rahi-aa samaa-ee. ||1||

O Nanak, He is pervading in all. ||1||

 pRB BwvY mwnuK giq pwvY ]

parabh bhaavai maanukh gat paavai.

If it pleases God, one attains salvation.

 pRB BwvY qw pwQr qrwvY ]

parabh bhaavai taa paathar taraavai.

If it pleases God, then even stones can swim.

 pRB BwvY ibnu sws qy rwKY ]

parabh bhaavai bin saas tay raakhai.

If it pleases God, the body is preserved, even without the breath of life.

 pRB BwvY qw hir gux BwKY ]

parabh bhaavai taa har gun bhaakhai.

If it pleases God, then one chants the Lord's Glorious Praises.

 pRB BwvY qw piqq auDwrY ]

parabh bhaavai taa patit uDhaarai.

If it pleases God, then even sinners are saved.

 Awip krY Awpn bIcwrY ]

aap karai aapan beechaarai.

He Himself acts, and He Himself contemplates.

 duhw isirAw kw Awip suAwmI ]

duhaa siri-aa kaa aap su-aamee.

He Himself is the Master of both worlds.

 KylY ibgsY AMqrjwmI ]

khaylai bigsai antarjaamee.

He plays and He enjoys; He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts.

 jo BwvY so kwr krwvY ]

jo bhaavai so kaar karaavai.

As He wills, He causes actions to be done.

 nwnk idRstI Avru n AwvY ]2]

naanak daristee avar na aavai. ||2||

Nanak sees no other than Him. ||2|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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