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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee  02 Pauree 5-6

Bgq jnw kI brqin nwmu ]

bhagat janaa kee bartan naam.

Unto the devotee, the Naam is an article of daily use.

 sMq jnw kY min ibsRwmu ]

sant janaa kai man bisraam.

The minds of the humble Saints are at peace.

 hir kw nwmu dws kI Et ]

har kaa naam daas kee ot.

The Name of the Lord is the Support of His servants.

 hir kY nwim auDry jn koit ]

har kai naam uDhray jan kot.

By the Name of the Lord, millions have been saved.

 hir jsu krq sMq idnu rwiq ]

har jas karat sant din raat.

The Saints chant the Praises of the Lord, day and night.

 hir hir AauKDu swD kmwiq ]

har har a-ukhaDh saaDh kamaat.

Har, Har - the Lord's Name - the Holy use it as their healing medicine.

 hir jn kY hir nwmu inDwnu ]

har jan kai har naam niDhaan.

The Lord's Name is the treasure of the Lord's servant.

 pwrbRhim jn kIno dwn ]

paarbarahm jan keeno daan.

The Supreme Lord God has blessed His humble servant with this gift.

 mn qn rMig rqy rMg eykY ]

man tan rang ratay rang aykai.

Mind and body are imbued with ecstasy in the Love of the One Lord.

 nwnk jn kY ibriq ibbykY ]5]

naanak jan kai birat bibaykai. ||5||

O Nanak, careful and discerning understanding is the way of the Lord's humble servant. ||5||

 hir kw nwmu jn kau mukiq jugiq ]

har kaa naam jan ka-o mukat jugat.

The Name of the Lord is the path of liberation for His humble servants.

 hir kY nwim jn kau iqRpiq Bugiq ]

har kai naam jan ka-o taripat bhugat.

With the food of the Name of the Lord, His servants are satisfied.

 hir kw nwmu jn kw rUp rMgu ]

har kaa naam jan kaa roop rang.

The Name of the Lord is the beauty and delight of His servants.

 hir nwmu jpq kb prY n BMgu ]

har naam japat kab parai na bhang.

Chanting the Lord's Name, one is never blocked by obstacles.

 hir kw nwmu jn kI vifAweI ]

har kaa naam jan kee vadi-aa-ee.

The Name of the Lord is the glorious greatness of His servants.

 hir kY nwim jn soBw pweI ]

har kai naam jan sobhaa paa-ee.

Through the Name of the Lord, His servants obtain honor.

 hir kw nwmu jn kau Bog jog ]

har kaa naam jan ka-o bhog jog.

The Name of the Lord is the enjoyment and Yoga of His servants.

 hir nwmu jpq kCu nwih ibEgu ]

har naam japat kachh naahi bi-og.

Chanting the Lord's Name, there is no separation from Him.

 jnu rwqw hir nwm kI syvw ]

jan raataa har naam kee sayvaa.

His servants are imbued with the service of the Lord's Name.

 nwnk pUjY hir hir dyvw ]6]

naanak poojai har har dayvaa. ||6||

O Nanak, worship the Lord, the Lord Divine, Har, Har. ||6|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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