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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 16 Pauree 7-8

siq bcn swDU aupdys ]

sat bachan saaDhoo updays.

True are the Teachings, and the Instructions of the Holy.

 siq qy jn jw kY irdY pRvys ]

sat tay jan jaa kai ridai parvays.

True are those into whose hearts He enters.

 siq inriq bUJY jy koie ]

sat nirat boojhai jay ko-ay.

One who knows and loves the Truth

 nwmu jpq qw kI giq hoie ]

naam japat taa kee gat ho-ay.

- chanting the Naam, he obtains salvation.

 Awip siq kIAw sBu siq ]

aap sat kee-aa sabh sat.

He Himself is True, and all that He has made is true.

 Awpy jwnY ApnI imiq giq ]

aapay jaanai apnee mit gat.

He Himself knows His own state and condition.

 ijs kI isRsit su krxYhwru ]

jis kee sarisat so karnaihaar.

He is the Creator Lord of His world.

 Avr n bUiJ krq bIcwru ]

avar na boojh karat beechaar.

No one else understands Him, although they may try.

 krqy kI imiq n jwnY kIAw ]

kartay kee mit na jaanai kee-aa.

The created cannot know the extent of the Creator.

 nwnk jo iqsu BwvY so vrqIAw ]7]

naanak jo tis bhaavai so vartee-aa. ||7||

O Nanak, whatever pleases Him comes to pass. ||7||

 ibsmn ibsm Bey ibsmwd ]

bisman bisam bha-ay bismaad.

Gazing upon His wondrous wonder, I am wonder-struck and amazed!

 ijin bUiJAw iqsu AwieAw sÍwd ]

jin boojhi-aa tis aa-i-aa savaad.

One who realizes this, comes to taste this state of joy.

 pRB kY rMig rwic jn rhy ]

parabh kai rang raach jan rahay.

God's humble servants remain absorbed in His Love.

 gur kY bcin pdwrQ lhy ]

gur kai bachan padaarath lahay.

Following the Guru's Teachings, they receive the four cardinal blessings.

 Eie dwqy duK kwtnhwr ]

o-ay daatay dukh kaatanhaar.

They are the givers, the dispellers of pain.

 jw kY sMig qrY sMswr ]

jaa kai sang tarai sansaar.

In their company, the world is saved.

 jn kw syvku so vfBwgI ]

jan kaa sayvak so vadbhaagee.

The slave of the Lord's servant is so very blessed.

 jn kY sMig eyk ilv lwgI ]

jan kai sang ayk liv laagee.

In the company of His servant, one becomes attached to the Love of the One.

 gun goibd kIrqnu jnu gwvY ]

gun gobid keertan jan gaavai.

His humble servant sings the Kirtan, the songs of the glory of God.

 gur pRswid nwnk Plu pwvY ]8]16]

gur parsaad naanak fal paavai. ||8||16||

By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, he receives the fruits of his rewards. ||8||16||

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