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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 10 Pauree 3-4

keI koit isD jqI jogI ]

ka-ee kot siDh jatee jogee.

Many millions are Siddhas, celibates and Yogis.

 keI koit rwjy rs BogI ]

ka-ee kot raajay ras bhogee.

Many millions are kings, enjoying worldly pleasures.

 keI koit pMKI srp aupwey ]

ka-ee kot pankhee sarap upaa-ay.

Many millions of birds and snakes have been created.

 keI koit pwQr ibrK inpjwey ]

ka-ee kot paathar birakh nipjaa-ay.

Many millions of stones and trees have been produced.

 keI koit pvx pwxI bYsMqr ]

ka-ee kot pavan paanee baisantar.

Many millions are the winds, waters and fires.

 keI koit dys BU mMfl ]

ka-ee kot days bhoo mandal.

Many millions are the countries and realms of the world.

 keI koit ssIAr sUr nK´qR ]

ka-ee kot sasee-ar soor nakh-yatar.

Many millions are the moons, suns and stars.

 keI koit dyv dwnv ieMdR isir CqR ]

ka-ee kot dayv daanav indar sir chhatar.

Many millions are the demi-gods, demons and Indras, under their regal canopies.

 sgl smgRI ApnY sUiq DwrY ]

sagal samagree apnai soot Dhaarai.

He has strung the entire creation upon His thread.

 nwnk ijsu ijsu BwvY iqsu iqsu insqwrY ]3]

naanak jis jis bhaavai tis tis nistaarai. ||3||

O Nanak, He emancipates those with whom He is pleased. ||3||

 keI koit rwjs qwms swqk ]

ka-ee kot raajas taamas saatak.

Many millions abide in heated activity, slothful darkness and peaceful light.

 keI koit byd purwn isimRiq Aru swsq ]

ka-ee kot bayd puraan simrit ar saasat.

Many millions are the Vedas, Puraanas, Simritees and Shaastras.

 keI koit kIey rqn smud ]

ka-ee kot kee-ay ratan samud.

Many millions are the pearls of the oceans.

 keI koit nwnw pRkwr jMq ]

ka-ee kot naanaa parkaar jant.

Many millions are the beings of so many descriptions.

 keI koit kIey icr jIvy ]

ka-ee kot kee-ay chir jeevay.

Many millions are made long-lived.

 keI koit igrI myr suvrn QIvy ]

ka-ee kot giree mayr suvran theevay.

Many millions of hills and mountains have been made of gold.

 keI koit jK´ ikMnr ipswc ]

ka-ee kot jakh-y kinnar pisaach.

Many millions are the Yakhshas - the servants of the god of wealth, the Kinnars - the gods of celestial music, and the evil spirits of the Pisaach.

 keI koit BUq pRyq sUkr imRgwc ]

ka-ee kot bhoot parayt sookar marigaach.

Many millions are the evil nature-spirits, ghosts, pigs and tigers.

 sB qy nyrY sBhU qy dUir ]

sabh tay nayrai sabhhoo tay door.

He is near to all, and yet far from all;

 nwnk Awip Ailpqu rihAw BrpUir ]4]

naanak aap alipat rahi-aa bharpoor. ||4||

O Nanak, He Himself remains distinct, while yet pervading all. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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