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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 03 Pauree  3-4

mn kwmnw qIrQ dyh CutY ]

man kaamnaa tirath dayh chhutai.

With your mind filled with desire, you may give up your body at a sacred shrine of pilgrimage;

 grbu gumwnu n mn qy hutY ]

garab gumaan na man tay hutai.

but even so, egotistical pride shall not be removed from your mind.

 soc krY idnsu Aru rwiq ]

soch karai dinas ar raat.

You may practice cleansing day and night,

 mn kI mYlu n qn qy jwiq ]

man kee mail na tan tay jaat.

but the filth of your mind shall not leave your body.

 iesu dyhI kau bhu swDnw krY ]

is dayhee ka-o baho saaDhnaa karai.

You may subject your body to all sorts of disciplines,

 mn qy kbhU n ibiKAw trY ]

man tay kabhoo na bikhi-aa tarai.

but your mind will never be rid of its corruption.

 jil DovY bhu dyh AnIiq ]

jal Dhovai baho dayh aneet.

You may wash this transitory body with loads of water,

 suD khw hoie kwcI BIiq ]

suDh kahaa ho-ay kaachee bheet.

but how can a wall of mud be washed clean?

 mn hir ky nwm kI mihmw aUc ]

man har kay naam kee mahimaa ooch.

O my mind, the Glorious Praise of the Name of the Lord is the highest;

 nwnk nwim auDry piqq bhu mUc ]3]

naanak naam uDhray patit baho mooch. ||3||

O Nanak, the Naam has saved so many of the worst sinners. ||3||

 bhuqu isAwxp jm kw Bau ibAwpY ]

bahut si-aanap jam kaa bha-o bi-aapai.

Even with great cleverness, the fear of death clings to you.

 Aink jqn kir iqRsn nw DRwpY ]

anik jatan kar tarisan naa Dharaapai.

You try all sorts of things, but your thirst is still not satisfied.

 ByK Anyk Agin nhI buJY ]

bhaykh anayk agan nahee bujhai.

Wearing various religious robes, the fire is not extinguished.

 koit aupwv drgh nhI isJY ]

kot upaav dargeh nahee sijhai.

Even making millions of efforts, you shall not be accepted in the Court of the Lord.

 CUtis nwhI aUB pieAwil ]

chhootas naahee oobh pa-i-aal.

You cannot escape to the heavens, or to the nether regions,

 moih ibAwpih mwieAw jwil ]

mohi bi-aapahi maa-i-aa jaal.

if you are entangled in emotional attachment and the net of Maya.

 Avr krqUiq sglI jmu fwnY ]

avar kartoot saglee jam daanai.

All other efforts are punished by the Messenger of Death,

 goivMd Bjn ibnu iqlu nhI mwnY ]

govind bhajan bin til nahee maanai.

which accepts nothing at all, except meditation on the Lord of the Universe.

 hir kw nwmu jpq duKu jwie ]

har kaa naam japat dukh jaa-ay.

Chanting the Name of the Lord, sorrow is dispelled.

 nwnk bolY shij suBwie ]4]

naanak bolai sahj subhaa-ay. ||4||

O Nanak, chant it with intuitive ease. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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