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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 06 Pauree 7-8

ijh pRswid qUM pRgtu sMswir ]

jih parsaad tooN pargat sansaar.

By His Grace, you are famous all over the world;

 iqsu pRB kau mUil n mnhu ibswir ]

tis parabh ka-o mool na manhu bisaar.

never forget God from your mind.

 ijh pRswid qyrw prqwpu ]

jih parsaad tayraa partaap.

By His Grace, you have prestige;

 ry mn mUV qU qw kau jwpu ]

ray man moorh too taa ka-o jaap.

O foolish mind, meditate on Him!

 ijh pRswid qyry kwrj pUry ]

jih parsaad tayray kaaraj pooray.

By His Grace, your works are completed;

 iqsih jwnu mn sdw hjUry ]

tiseh jaan man sadaa hajooray.

O mind, know Him to be close at hand.

 ijh pRswid qUM pwvih swcu ]

jih parsaad tooN paavahi saach.

By His Grace, you find the Truth;

 ry mn myry qUM qw isau rwcu ]

ray man mayray tooN taa si-o raach.

O my mind, merge yourself into Him.

 ijh pRswid sB kI giq hoie ]

jih parsaad sabh kee gat ho-ay.

By His Grace, everyone is saved;

 nwnk jwpu jpY jpu soie ]7]

naanak jaap japai jap so-ay. ||7||

O Nanak, meditate, and chant His Chant. ||7||

 Awip jpwey jpY so nwau ]

aap japaa-ay japai so naa-o.

Those, whom He inspires to chant, chant His Name.

 Awip gwvwey su hir gun gwau ]

aap gaavaa-ai so har gun gaa-o.

Those, whom He inspires to sing, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

 pRB ikrpw qy hoie pRgwsu ]

parabh kirpaa tay ho-ay pargaas.

By God's Grace, enlightenment comes.

 pRBU dieAw qy kml ibgwsu ]

parabhoo da-i-aa tay kamal bigaas.

By God's Kind Mercy, the heart-lotus blossoms forth.

 pRB supRsMn bsY min soie ]

parabh suparsan basai man so-ay.

When God is totally pleased, He comes to dwell in the mind.

 pRB dieAw qy miq aUqm hoie ]

parabh da-i-aa tay mat ootam ho-ay.

By God's Kind Mercy, the intellect is exalted.

 srb inDwn pRB qyrI mieAw ]

sarab niDhaan parabh tayree ma-i-aa.

All treasures, O Lord, come by Your Kind Mercy.

 Awphu kCU n iknhU lieAw ]

aaphu kachhoo na kinhoo la-i-aa.

No one obtains anything by himself.

 ijqu ijqu lwvhu iqqu lgih hir nwQ ]

jit jit laavhu tit lageh har naath.

As You have delegated, so do we apply ourselves, O Lord and Master.

 nwnk ien kY kCU n hwQ ]8]6]

naanak in kai kachhoo na haath. ||8||6||

O Nanak, nothing is in our hands. ||8||6|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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