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Sukhmani SahibAsthapadee  01 Pauree 3-4

 pRB kY ismrin iriD isiD nau iniD ]

parabh kai simran riDh siDh na-o niDh.

In the remembrance of God are wealth, miraculous spiritual powers and the nine treasures.

 pRB kY ismrin igAwnu iDAwnu qqu buiD ]

parabh kai simran gi-aan Dhi-aan tat buDh.

In the remembrance of God are knowledge, meditation and the essence of wisdom.

 pRB kY ismrin jp qp pUjw ]

parabh kai simran jap tap poojaa.

In the remembrance of God are chanting, intense meditation and devotional worship.

 pRB kY ismrin ibnsY dUjw ]

parabh kai simran binsai doojaa.

In the remembrance of God, duality is removed.

 pRB kY ismrin qIrQ iesnwnI ]

parabh kai simran tirath isnaanee.

In the remembrance of God are purifying baths at sacred shrines of pilgrimage.

 pRB kY ismrin drgh mwnI ]

parabh kai simran dargeh maanee.

In the remembrance of God, one attains honor in the Court of the Lord.

 pRB kY ismrin hoie su Blw ]

parabh kai simran ho-ay so bhalaa.

In the remembrance of God, one becomes good.

 pRB kY ismrin suPl Plw ]

parabh kai simran sufal falaa.

In the remembrance of God, one flowers in fruition.

 sy ismrih ijn Awip ismrwey ]

say simrahi jin aap simraa-ay.

They alone remember Him in meditation, whom He inspires to meditate.

 nwnk qw kY lwgau pwey ]3]

naanak taa kai laaga-o paa-ay. ||3||

Nanak grasps the feet of those humble beings. ||3||

 pRB kw ismrnu sB qy aUcw ]

parabh kaa simran sabh tay oochaa.

The remembrance of God is the highest and most exalted of all.

 pRB kY ismrin auDry mUcw ]

parabh kai simran uDhray moochaa.

In the remembrance of God, many are saved.

 pRB kY ismrin iqRsnw buJY ]

parabh kai simran tarisnaa bujhai.

In the remembrance of God, thirst is quenched.

 pRB kY ismrin sBu ikCu suJY ]

parabh kai simran sabh kichh sujhai.

In the remembrance of God, all things are known.

 pRB kY ismrin nwhI jm qRwsw ]

parabh kai simran naahee jam taraasaa.

In the remembrance of God, there is no fear of death.

 pRB kY ismrin pUrn Awsw ]

parabh kai simran pooran aasaa.

In the remembrance of God, hopes are fulfilled.

 pRB kY ismrin mn kI mlu jwie ]

parabh kai simran man kee mal jaa-ay.

In the remembrance of God, the filth of the mind is removed.

 AMimRq nwmu ird mwih smwie ]

amrit naam rid maahi samaa-ay.

The Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord, is absorbed into the heart.

 pRB jI bsih swD kI rsnw ]

parabh jee baseh saaDh kee rasnaa.

God abides upon the tongues of His Saints.

 nwnk jn kw dwsin dsnw ]4]

naanak jan kaa daasan dasnaa. ||4||

Nanak is the servant of the slave of His slaves. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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