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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 08 Pauree 3-4

bRhm igAwnI sgl kI rInw ]

barahm gi-aanee sagal kee reenaa.

The God-conscious being is the dust of all.

 Awqm rsu bRhm igAwnI cInw ]

aatam ras barahm gi-aanee cheenaa.

The God-conscious being knows the nature of the soul.

 bRhm igAwnI kI sB aUpir mieAw ]

barahm gi-aanee kee sabh oopar ma-i-aa.

The God-conscious being shows kindness to all.

 bRhm igAwnI qy kCu burw n BieAw ]

barahm gi-aanee tay kachh buraa na bha-i-aa.

No evil comes from the God-conscious being.

 bRhm igAwnI sdw smdrsI ]

barahm gi-aanee sadaa samadrasee.

The God-conscious being is always impartial.

 bRhm igAwnI kI idRsit AMimRqu brsI ]

barahm gi-aanee kee darisat amrit barsee.

Nectar rains down from the glance of the God-conscious being.

 bRhm igAwnI bMDn qy mukqw ]

barahm gi-aanee banDhan tay muktaa.

The God-conscious being is free from entanglements.

 bRhm igAwnI kI inrml jugqw ]

barahm gi-aanee kee nirmal jugtaa.

The lifestyle of the God-conscious being is spotlessly pure.

 bRhm igAwnI kw Bojnu igAwn ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa bhojan gi-aan.

Spiritual wisdom is the food of the God-conscious being.

 nwnk bRhm igAwnI kw bRhm iDAwnu ]3]

naanak barahm gi-aanee kaa barahm Dhi-aan. ||3||

O Nanak, the God-conscious being is absorbed in God's meditation. ||3||

 bRhm igAwnI eyk aUpir Aws ]

barahm gi-aanee ayk oopar aas.

The God-conscious being centers his hopes on the One alone.

 bRhm igAwnI kw nhI ibnws ]

barahm gi-aanee kaa nahee binaas.

The God-conscious being shall never perish.

 bRhm igAwnI kY grIbI smwhw ]

barahm gi-aanee kai gareebee samaahaa.

The God-conscious being is steeped in humility.

 bRhm igAwnI praupkwr aumwhw ]

barahm gi-aanee par-upkaar omaahaa.

The God-conscious being delights in doing good to others.

 bRhm igAwnI kY nwhI DMDw ]

barahm gi-aanee kai naahee DhanDhaa.

The God-conscious being has no worldly entanglements.

 bRhm igAwnI ly Dwvqu bMDw ]

barahm gi-aanee lay Dhaavat banDhaa.

The God-conscious being holds his wandering mind under control.

 bRhm igAwnI kY hoie su Blw ]

barahm gi-aanee kai ho-ay so bhalaa.

The God-conscious being acts in the common good.

 bRhm igAwnI suPl Plw ]

barahm gi-aanee sufal falaa.

The God-conscious being blossoms in fruitfulness.

 bRhm igAwnI sMig sgl auDwru ]

barahm gi-aanee sang sagal uDhaar.

In the Company of the God-conscious being, all are saved.

 nwnk bRhm igAwnI jpY sgl sMswru ]4]

naanak barahm gi-aanee japai sagal sansaar. ||4||

O Nanak, through the God-conscious being, the whole world meditates on God. ||4|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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